Daisy Dreams – Doodling and stamping

Craft packages ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 0  What is wrong with me?!!!!

When I started my blog, almost three weeks ago now, I made a pact with myself that I would post something, no matter how small, every day. That way I would always be thinking about what to make and be open to trying new things. Since that day not only have I kept that bargain that I made with myself, but I have also managed to be several days in hand including having drafted blog posts in the bag ahead of publishing them. Except for today’s!

Now I’m blaming Christmas. If you’ve been visiting me regularly you’ll know that for most of the week I have been busy prepping for Christmas in July which I celebrated yesterday with a group of friends. I knew what I was going to craft for today but somehow it just kept slipping off the “to do” list each day.

So having cleared Christmas away, it was straight to the grand plan. You will recall that I have been keen to participate in blog challenges as this keeps me on my toes and means I’ve got a reason to try new things. As luck would have it, I found Hels Sheridan’s blog and discovered that she runs a Sunday Stampers challenge each week. What I liked about this challenge was that there was a theme but you didn’t have to use a particular product. This week’s theme is “more than a word.” You can make anything, but you have to stamp and you have to have more than one word on it. Bring it on!!!

I knew I wanted to combine stamping in combination with my new doodling that I have learned from an on-line course I bought called “A Whole New Doodle 2012” by Stephanie Ackerman, who also has an inspiring blog and a style that appeals to me. So that’s exactly what I did.

I stamped and embossed the flowers first – I wanted to emboss in the hope that colouring would be easier. It took a few attempts to get it right but once that was done it was fairly straight forward. I doodled the house, sun, cloud and tree as taught by Stephanie and coloured in with Promarkers. For some reason I chose to do all this at the top of the stairs. The most nerve racking bit was stamping the words which I did at the end. These I also embossed. Stamps are from Marion Emberson designs. I resisted the urge to add glitter, which was in my original plan, and quite like the contrast of the flowers against the colour.

Daisy dreams – stamping and drawing


So, job done and five hours to spare before the challenge closes plus I got my blog post done on time and I had fun! I love it when a plan comes together.

I will be abandoning this sometime soon, but tomorrow I will be doing a very special abandonment. Probably in the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. Very exctied!

It’s Christmas (In July)!!!!!

Craft packages ordered=0, Craft packages received = 1 (but it was glitter – you gotta have plenty of glitter!)

Wednesday I baked like crazy. Yesterday I cleaned like crazy. Both in readiness for my little Christmas in July celebration. I always end up baking too much although I always have to make “leftovers” for Mr Beez to take into work and the boys Beez would be gutted if there was nothing left for them to pick at. Yet, even so I never end up making half of what I’d planned.  Anyway today was fantastic and great fun. I thought I’d share some of the pictures with you plus show you a couple of other little bits that I crafted as gifts.

I love all the little candy wrappers and covers that you see knocking about on Pinterest and have been wanting to have a go at these Tic Tac covers for ages. I only bought the small boxes of Tic Tacs and started off by cutting some covers from pale blue card. The “snowman poop” labels were a free download from Whimsie Doodles (thank you), cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo, coloured them with Sharpies and tinted the edges with some Versamark cyan . Naturally I couldn’t resist adding a little glitter! I cut a small doily from pink card, once again using my Silhouette. Simples!

Snowman poop labels via Whimsie Doodles

Whenever I make anything like this I always assemble one to find out how it works and then do an assembly line job. As usual, I realised how I could improve these next time! (Make the cover bigger and don’t stick to all 3 sides). But the main thing is that I did them and they’re fun! I shall make these in December as snowman kisses for my newphews and, if I can find orange Tic Tacs – pumpkin poop for Halloween.

Finished snowman poop boxes

My final gift was a little choccie bar in a Santa suit wrapper. This was sooooo easy. The wrapper was part of a set I bought as a digital download from Flipchick Designs, on Etsy, back in January when I was desperately trying to hang on to Christmas!

Little chocolate bars wearing Santa Jackets

These are the completed bags that everyone went home with.

Goody bags – good to go!

Below are a few photos of the festive feast. Hope you like and Happy Christmas – in July, of course 😉

Snowman cups with crudites

Spiced winterberry cocktail – in a moose mug!

Egg Nog buns

Spruced up vanilla cake

Cheesy Christmas tree

Brownies with chocolate strawberry hats


Christmas in July – Here comes Santa Claus

Craft packages ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 0

I’m continuing with my Christmas in July preparations. Yesterday, I spent a lot of the day baking and preparing all the edible goodies ready for tomorrow. Today, it has been all about the cleaning (bleugh!) and the decorating(!). I will post some pics later for you to see – not of the cleaning obviously.

Today I have some little Santa gift bags to share with you. These are not my own idea but something I found on Pinterest (again!) and posted on Confessions of a Stamping Addict’s blogspot. Obviously I needed something to put my Christmas bauble gifts in. I could have made some boxes using my Silhouette Cameo but really didn’t have time. However, I did have brown take away bags which, luckily for me, form the basis of these bags.

Because I was using take away bags, and not brown lunch bags, first job was to snip the handles off.

Take away bag – handles removed


I then covered each side of the bag with some thin red card. Because I was rushing I used double sided tap to attach the card and then trimmed off the excess using a paper trimmer.

Brown bag covered with red card

I folded the top of the bag over so it made a little flap and used some velcro as a fastening.

Bags covered with red card and folded to make an “envelope”

Next, I cut strips of black card for his belt and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut some shiny gold buckles from some mirri card. I used a Martha Stewart button punch to make some buttons from black card.

Strips of card for belt plus gold buckles

Buttons from black card using Martha Stewart button punch

The finishing touch was some white fur fabric – great that John Lewis sell this in 10cm lengths.

I decided not to attach handles. I think these are fab and will certainly be making some more. You could use any paper to decorate.

Ta da! Santa Bag complete

So now I’m all set for tomorrow – let’s hope it snows!!!

PS I have a big abandoned art mission over the weekend. Very exctied. Buzz back Saturday to find out more!!!

Santa bags good to go!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in July)

Craft packages ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 0 This good.

Every year I have a little Christmas in July celebration. Yes really. I just love Christmas. I begin counting down to Christmas on January 1st. So having a little mid-year celebration whets the appetite for the real thing.

It started as a friend and I getting together to watch QVC’s Christmas in July (and again, yes really). Then it snowballed a bit, and then a lot. So this Friday is the day on which a few us will get together to celebrate. Which means there will be two celebrations as QVC’s Christmas in July is on Wednesday. Goody!

This probably means that when I now ask you whether you have guessed what this is, you will have put two and two together:

Sneaky peek – can you tell what it is?

Yes, you got it, this is the beginnings of my homemade Christmas baubles which I shall be giving as gifts on Friday. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to “Baubles to Make” and these are the first I’ve actually gone and done. There are instructions all over Pinterest and the internet on how to coat the insides of plain glass bauble with glitter. However, most of these, which are from the USA, use some type of Pledge floor stuff that I just couldn’t find here in the UK. So I’m very grateful to Little Gray Fox who posted some alternatives and some really clear instructions on her blogspot.

First of all I tried using watered down PVA glue, but that made a load of bubbles (which pop and leave gaps). It didn’t help that I obviously added the glitter too soon and so all the unused glitter mixed in with the still very wet glue to make a big old lump that stayed inside. So a quick trip to Homebase for a tin of standard clear gloss varnish.

I made a little funnel out of some acetate so I could pour the varnish into the bottle without spilling and this worked a treat. You slowly coat the inside of the bauble with the varnish and then turn it upside down over a container and leave to drain. I left mine for between 20 and 30 minutes. It was amazing how much varnish came out. Use a cotton bud to wipe the neck of the bauble and also to remove any bubbles. Make sure you have a damp cloth handy just in case you get varnish on the outer bauble. I found I could use the drained off varnish to coat further baubles.

Glass baubles – inside coated with clear gloss varnish. Can you see that bubble? Pop with a cotton bud!


Then in with the glitter and shake it all about until the insides are completely coated. Then leave to dry. How cool are these? (The plain glass baubles came from Panduro Hobby by the way)

Glittered baubles

Glittered bauble

Once dry, I cut some letters out of black vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo. I was going to add ribbon but changed my mind (i.e. couldn’t be bothered). I did add a small jewel to each initial (have you noticed my friends all have similar initials?!). Can’t wait to make more of these.

Finished baubles with monograms

Glittered mongrammed baubles

Abandoned Art – Think Pink!

Craft packages ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 0 Yay!

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Someone (and probably more than one) on the Art Abandonment FB  page has posted pictures of one of their pieces sitting next to a sink in a ladies “rest room.” I thought this would be quite a good place to try and given that it’s more than likely to be found by a female person something pink would do quite nicely.

Now not only was I due a meeting at the Novotel in Sheffield all day, but also I just happen to have some little pink art works waiting for a new home. Art works is probably over stating it a bit, well a lot as it happens. I just happened to have some left over pieces of card canvas from other projects and felt the urge to go pink. I used the bee stamp and decided to leave it “au natural” (i.e. pink) rather than adding a touch of yellow and I quite like it.

I’d had the idea of a heart with wings for quite awhile. The wings were made from some fusible film which I just ironed and cut. This gives me a good excuse to show you my new funky ironing board cover! Isn’t it fab? But a bit confused by the fact that there were washing instructions on the packaging? Does anybody wash their ironing board cover. Really?!


My new animal print ironing board cover, sorry I mean fusible film


Anyway, I digress. That’s because the finished pieces are not my best work. But then this was a using up leftovers project. I decided to make them functional by adding magnetic strip to the back.

Love pink little magnets


Love pink magnets – just scraps!

The ladies in the Novotel is very dark but I managed to do the “drop” and collect the evidence. I just hope I get to find out what happens to this little lot.

Magnets abandoned in the ladies at the Novotel, Sheffield

PS – Have you guessed what this is yet? All will be revealed tomorrow!

Sneaky peek – can you tell what it is?


Fairy Whispers – Brag Monday #2

Craft packages ordered = 0 Craft packages recieved = 0 Good start to the week.

Now I can’t say that I’m a fan of Mondays and I have been known to stay up as late as possible on a Sunday in order to squeeze out every last minute of the weekend! But I must admit, this week I am looking forward to fluttering over to The Graphics Fairy to check out Brag Monday. If I’ve done everything properly then last week’s butterfly/moth, that was later abandoned, should be there. (It is –  I checked – you can check it out here and, if you feel inclined, add a like too it’s number 14 ! 🙂 )

I love little boxes. Especially if they have little scenes or surprises inside. Check out my Pinterest board Boxes, Boxes, Boxes if you want to see the type of thing I’m on about. So for this week’s Brag Monday I thought I’d have a go at making my own little altered matchbox using some images from The Graphics Fairy.

I wanted to do something using this lovely moon image. I’ve always had a thing about a moon with a face ever since I had a christmas decoration as a child. This sort of reminds me of that same decoration.

Moon image via The Graphics Fairy

When I came across the Fairy Whispers graphic the idea began to come together.

Fairy Whispers image via The Graphics Fairy


Altered Matchbox – Fairy Whispers, images via The Graphics Fairy


Altered Matchbox – Fairy Whispers, wish


Altered Matchbox – Fairy Whispers, images via The Graphics Fairy

I shall be abandoning at the Novotel in Sheffield tomorrow – check back for details. Oh, and before I go – here’s a sneaky peek of what else is coming up this week. Can you tell what it is?!

Sneaky peek – can you tell what it is?



Graphic 45 July Challenge – Off to Kansas

Craft packages ordered = 2  and a decision pending ! Craft packages arrived = 0  Bad, bad,bad.

Graphic 45  have set their July challenge as making a 10 minute card. Now I can make a card in ten minutes but, for me, deciding what to make is the bit that takes the longest. Even when I’ve got a clear idea of what I think I’m going to do I often end up deviating (or, more likely, mucking it up) because I’ve come up with a better idea.

Part of the problem is deciding what, if anything, I should use from my crafty stash. Or, more like, trying to find a way of NOT using it and spending a lot of time just admiring it and thinking it’s too nice to use and that I probably need to save it “just in case.”

So the Graphic 45 challenge helped to eliminate a lot of the dithering. I was determined to spend no more than 10 minutes.  And yes, I would have to break in to some of my Graphic 45 stash (all you other crafting supplies may stand down – phew!). They have even helpfully suggested some formats for layouts. Easy! Except, naturally, there was just one little extra embellishment that I would need to order. And of course, whilst I’m ordering that, it makes sense to save on p & p and grab a few more bits too.

After some strong medication I tore a piece of the poppy paper from the Magic of Oz 8 x 8 pad and used the reverse side of the design to make a mat. I quickly blinged up some leaves with glitter glue and added a touch of glitter and some stick on black gems to the centre of the poppy embellishment (a further dose of medication was required whilst removing this from its packaging). Strong double sided tape was glittered up in red (ruby slippers) and some swirls of green glitter glue (Emerald City) added for poppy stalks, a quick sentiment and job done. Just over 8 minutes in total.

Believe in your dreams – Graphic 45 July 10 minute card challenge

I really enjoyed this challenge and breaking in to the stash wasn’t so bad. Might even be tempted to try another one before the challenge ends. Check out the Graphic 45 Facebook page if you want to see the other entries.

The first jar – Happy Anniversary

Craft packages ordered = 0 Craft Packages received = 1 OK?

Another return to card making today and Happy Anniversary to my brother and sister-in-law who are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary.

I’ve been wanting to use a jar images for ages. There’s a whole host of jar stamps and paper cutting dies over at Papertrey Ink which I would love. Each stamp set comes with a range of different things with which to fill or decorate your jar. BUT the shipping costs to the UK are huge. HUGE! Seems nobody sells this range in this country. It’s at times like this I wish I had the confidence to start my own craft supplies shop so I could import things.

But, as you know, the great thing about crafting is that lots of people (including me) like to create AND share. So when I came across some FREE downloadable jar templates over at Simply Kelly B’s blogspot I was keen to get started.

I printed the image onto some old sugar paper, added a couple of hearts and then stuck on the remainder of a tube of gold stars I’ve had forever. I used a Krylon gold leaf pen to edge the backing card and tag and added a tiny, tiny bit of Tim Holtz tea stain distress ink here and there.

I’m going to have a go at creating a series of cards/art/tags based on jars and this anniversary card is the first. I did try to be clever and put a sheet of acetate over the top to give a glass like effect, but it was a bit rubbish really. I would like to see if I can create a shiny surface on the outside so may try some experiments. If you’ve any ideas – I’d love to hear them.


Hearts in a jar – anniversary card

Jackdaw – altered playing card

Craft supplies ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 1 – but it’s the one that is mostly to give as a present so it doesn’t count – does it?

Another new departure for me, this time an altered playing card. You’ll remember I have quite a lot of crafting stash that I can’t quite bring myself to use? A fair proportion of that stash is stuff waiting to be altered – wooden blocks, dominoes, little houses, tiny houses, really really small houses, birds, bottles, not to mention all the books …Get the idea? So when deciding to make a little foray into the world of altered art what would normal people do? But I just don’t answer to that description.

Instead I decided to use an ordinary standard playing card with a map of Cyprus on the back. I’m not showing you the back as I’m not entirely happy with it – alcohol inks and a “Believe” stamp. But the front is OK – for a first attempt.

The jackdaw idea was inspired by someone I know who rescued a jackdaw that had been abandoned and nurtured until it was ready to fly. So with a deck of cards being short of a Jack that must mean I have another 51 to alter!

Jackdaw – altered playing card




Cherry Baby

Craft packages ordered =0 Craft packages ordered =0 Excellent!

A little break from all that art abandonment and a return to one of the first crafts I began with, and continue to practice – card making.

Someone I know, and work with, has a birthday today “Happy Birthday Rae.” She is one cool lady and really knows how to party with style. Whatever the event, there is always a theme and whatever the theme, it is executed superbly. Now this will come as a shock! This year there is a sailor theme. So why cherries you ask???

Well, between us we’ve had a fair bit of cherry themed merchandise and when she found this amazing bag in Asda, yes Asda!!!!! – I wanted one too. And she didn’t mind. Not a bit.

THE cherry bag

Actually, I haven’t used it yet and will probably save it until next summer. Did you see the cute little cherry charm?

So, as I was short on time and a bit lacking in the sailor crafting supplies department I opted for a cherry themed card. Kanban backing card, some circles and a lacy doilly cut using my Silhouette Cameo (I love that machine), ribbon from my stash, a Stampin’ Up stamp (the buttons one) and two shiny red buttons. Oh and some glitter. And some red gems. We love our bling! Voila – one cheery cherry card.

Cherry Birthday Card

Actually, just between you and me, I’m a bit rubbish with glitter. I have habit of putting stuff, or my hand, down on newly glittered work. So this time I thought I’d be extra careful and put the card out of harm and hands way. Success. Until I knocked the entire pot of glitter over. It looked a bit like Dorothy had had a tap dance in her ruby slippers. Still, what fun is crafting if you can’t make a mess eh? 🙂


Where did Dorothy go?