What’s inside?

Well I am pleased to report that yesterday’s mission to retrieve our equipment was successful. The council had done a good job of clearing the main roads although the side roads, including mine, are still quite treacherous. I had to walk down the hill to get my lift and back up again once we were done. I also had to be on windscreen cleaning duty as the wipers had packed up. As a reward for trudging back up the hill I bought a packet of Cadbury’s chocolate finger biscuits. I was so busy concentrating on walking in the tyre tracks that I actually walked past my road – what a numpty! With several hours of bright sunshine there was quite a thaw, but in the evening it all iced over resulting in both Mr Beez and eldest Beez getting stuck.

I have another Gecko Galz project to share with you today.


This gorgeous Russian doll image is from the From Russia with Love collage set. I’ve always had a thing about Russian dolls, it’s the doll within a doll with a doll thing that appeals to me. At one time I worked very near to the Russian shop in London and would often take a lunchtime stroll to look at the huge set they had there. I have a smaller set of my own and also a beautiful Christmas tree version (you get a Santa, a snowman, a penguin and a tiny tree).


I decided to make a card in the shape of a doll but I think this image would look great on the front of a regular shaped card too. I glittered the edge, added gold glittery highlights and picked out the main rose with crystal clear glitter. But of course, as it’s a Russian doll there had to be a surprise inside.


And you can’t just have two can you?


I made the medium sized doll in exactly the same way as the first and then added the final smaller image.

I could of course carried on but I was making this around Christmas time so you will understand why I left it at three!

I have one more thing to tell you – those chocolate finger biscuits were delicious!

Have a great weekend and thanks for buzzing by.


What’s inside? — 12 Comments

  1. I love your take on a Russian Doll. What little girl does not adore these dolls with their secret? In the mid 70’s I also worked close to the Russian Shop and would spend my lunchtimes wondering around it. Sadly it is long gone.

    Have a good weekend.

    Dionne xx

    • There was even something about the smell of the wood and the squeak that some of them made when you undid them! Wonder if we ever wandered at the same time – funny to think about that! xx

      • I was also wondering if we were ever there at the same time. There was something about that shop. In those days High Holhorn did not many descent shops so I would go in there seeking birthday presents but never really found any, odd because I liked the shop.

  2. I’m so glad to have my pc working again, sure missed getting to see your incredible creations.
    Such a beautiful job, it’s gorgeous. Love bright colors you applied to your Russian doll. Imagine somebody making stamps of those dolls. so pretty. Guess we’re in good company loving these Russian dolls, so many people are entranced with them.
    That must have been some trek up the hill, great exercise, were you winded when you got home? I have always loved trekking around in the snow. The kid in me refuses to die even tho I get quite winded.
    When we lived in MT I would walk out to our mailbox out on highway 1 1/2 miles from our house. Was too much trouble to get Bronco out of shed to go out there. Not sure I could have gotten truck out to our road as we had so much snow piled up in driveway, sometimes lots of snow piled in front of shed to shovel. Not worth all the trouble to get it out so would get some exercise. We lived on private road and then the road out to highway. When I’d get out there to mailbox and look back it would look so far back to house.
    I Had to keep my face covered so didn’t get cold air in my lungs since I have asthma, it was so cold (25 below during day at least). Quite a change from San Diego huh? lol I loved it tho, would go back if we could.
    IT would do that in Mt also, melt during day then refreeze later on so there were several layers of ice under snow. Have great weekend Lisette.

    • It’s great to have you back here 🙂 I wasn’t winded so much but my legs felt it the next day – uneven terrain and all that! Now everywhere is very crunchy so look forward to what happens next 🙂

  3. What a great idea you had with that nesting doll–very clever and lovely. Any little girl (and some big ones, too) would really enjoy receiving it!
    I was really hoping you could have a snow day yesterday, but at least you got some yummy cookies. Really now, were they as good as the macarons at Betty’s? I’m going to pester until you get yourself over there (:-)

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