The next challenge – time to start bragging!

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Happy Birthday to my blog! A whole week of blogging – and I have absolutely loved it. As I said yesterday, the Giving Tree challenge was just the start of my crafting adventure (I’m sorry but I can’t be doing with “journey”) and the kick-start to my blog √ . My blogging resolution is to share something I have made, with you, every day.

I can quite happily make pieces that are just for fun and I do make all my own cards too. However, I have decided that it would be much more exciting to take part in some blog and craft challenges. Just one snag  – I only know of one. Now when I’m surfing the net I am always seeing stuff about challenges and linky parties etc… Since I started this blog – nil, nothing, nada. Except that is for the fantastic Graphics Fairy Brag Monday.

If you haven’t visited the site, I highly recommend it. I can spend days just drooling at all the beautiful vintage images that are there to download for FREE!!! As I have mentioned previously, this is where I got my blog banner and the little bee that I use at the end of my posts.

So, my first blog challenge will be for Brag Monday and I will continue to submit something every week until someone says stop. Each piece I make will be abandoned, but now I can pick my locations and time with a bit more cunning.

Now although I am showing you this piece today, Monday, it doesn’t get to be bragged about until next Monday. Clever uh? Have I got that right Karen? I’m going to try and work a week in advance (i.e. I post on Monday and, providing I follow the rules, it gets link to the GF site the following week) that way we all know where we are.

Anyhow, for my first piece I have chosen this simply beautiful image of a moth

Vintage Moth from the Graphics Fairy

Now “beautiful” and “moth” are not two words I would normally use in the same sentence but, I think you’ll agree, this is stunning. Shame my printer doesn’t really do it justice. I have several ideas for using this image but due to a lack of time, what with all that abandoning, I decided to stick to making a little canvas.

I used a mixture of Tim Holtz distress inks and stains together with  acrylic paints. Then all manner of over stamping and stencils, plus some rose stickers I have had for years, before I got the effect I was after. I got a bit despondant at times but I’m reasonably happy with the end result. The finishing touch was the gold leaf (which looks sort of silver in the photo’) which gave it the lift it needed. I dithered a lot about the decoupage but when I saw my first photo’ I went and added it. I think if I did it again I would decoupage all three.

You will also notice that I have turned this particular moth into a butterfly (well if I hadn’t have told you, would you have known?) by using a dictionary entry. More book vandalism!  Actually, I did cheat but I’m ashamed to say that a book was, unneccessarily, harmed in the process of crafting this piece.

Anyway, here it is all ready to be abandoned in my little corner of England. Let me know if you find it won’t you? 😉

Moth transformed into a butterfly – mixed media with moth image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy






The next challenge – time to start bragging! — 10 Comments

    • Looks fun – but very shameful. I’ve just taken some before and after pics of my non-stick craft mat once I’d cleaned it. I’ve also started spilling over on to the floor LOL!

    • Ooh – craft shop! Say no more. Looked at my workdesk (i.e. pool table) last night. Hilarious to take a photo!

  1. Your art is beautiful but what did you make? a collage or decorated something. You need to take a close up picture in addition to what you have.

    Here are a couple of Parties: On both blogs they have different link parties to check out. Check the parties to find out when they have the party and if your art will fit their criteria. Once you find one place you can always find another place.

    Have fun!!! Katharine

    • Hi Katharine – thanks for buzzing by and for taking the time to leave (kind) comments and for the blog parties. This is only my second week of blogging and I love it and when new friends drop by I get Soooo excited! Thanks for the tip about the pics -I do usually post a bigger picture of the main piece – not sure why I didn’t this time (the excitement of doing a challenge probably!) The butterfly was just a little mixed media collage on a piece of chipboard/greyboard. LOVE your blog banner btw – and good luck with the upgrade to Windows 7 – I have this for work and much prefer it to Vista, which I have at home. Looking forward to reading your posts. Mrs Beez 🙂

  2. Is that guerilla art that you are making? and leaving for strangers to find? very brave…wouldn’t it be great to have a camera on it?
    GF has many beautiful butterflies and moths but I do love this particular one.

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