Abandoned Art #6 – Bee Mine

Craft Packages ordered = 0 Craft packages recieved = 1 AND 3 shop purchases 🙁

You will notice that I have started documenting my craft packages. In an earlier post I mentioned that I was very good at buying stuff but a bit reluctant to use it. I’m also very good at “purchase denial.”  I have tried really hard this month but I think all that has happend is that, instead of lots of little ebay purchases, I’ve made some more “significant”  (yes I mean expensive) purchases instead. I promise to share them with you when they arrive and, more importantly, show you what they end up as.

The great thing about the Abandoned Art project I’ve been working on is that it’s encouraged me to have a go. I’m no artist but I can hang a few ideas togther in a crafty type of way. I wonder what the difference is between an artist and a crafter? Answers please.

So you can probably guess what today’s piece is without me even showing you a picture. It’s more mixed media and more book vandalism  –  the last of the Last of the Mohicans 🙂 I decided to make a textured background using torn squares of book then finger painted acrylics over the top. You can’t really see the squares, which is a shame as they tore really neatly,  but at least it was good therapy.

The bee had to be there (ouch!) and the dots reappeared. Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you my plan for these abandoning these babies. 😉

Bee Mine


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