Hot, hot, hot!

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend and with Easter being late this year here in the UK we don’t have to wait too long until the next one! In fact I realised that I am not working a full week for the next three weeks 🙂 Anyway, it is Monday and so, of course, it’s time for a new word over at Every Inchie Monday. As you can probably guess from the title of this post the word is “hot,” and as you will see my mind went two ways for this one!


First up is the sun. I’ve used a vintage digital image and coloured it with Promarkers and then made a little tropical scene which has also been coloured with Promarkers.


Of late I have had a yearning to go somewhere with palm trees, clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. As that’s not happening any time soon I will have to make do with my inchie!


My second pair of inchies reflect my love of food.


Because of the time of year, hot cross bun came to mind.


My other inchie is possibly a little difficult to see but it is in fact a Hot Dog.


Thanks for buzzing by.



Hot, hot, hot! — 24 Comments

  1. I noticed the hot dog right away. I love the palm tree, and the sun great job! Oh yea and I love bread so yea i love them all! lol

  2. Your inchies this week are great fun, especially the cute foodie ones. Considering the size of these tiny images, your colouring is amazing.

    Dionne xxx

  3. Love your take on this topic, especially the food ones. I’m afraid that my first thoughts on this particular topic were Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp, and Johnny Depp. I may be getting older, but the sight of those cheekbones takes my mind off of food, at least for a few minutes. (I hope this isn’t considered inappropriate for a crafting site, but he IS a very well-crafted man, and the topic IS hot.) Anyway, another job well done! I really don’t know how you do such great work on such a small surface–I can barely see the darn things, much less work on them.
    Enjoy your next 3 weeks of mini vacations!

  4. Love these but my mind went from food to the gutter too when you said you went 2 ways with the “hot” challenge, lol. Your interpretations are all beautiful. ~Diane

  5. I mean, if you couldn’t do Johnny Depp, these were totally the next best thing! =) I like how you went in different directions. As usual… totally adorable.

  6. Hot Diggity!!! I think you included, sooooooo many of the depictions of hot that I thought of. (the hot crossed bun looks delish!!! My mother always makes those for Easter. What a nice reminder!!) All of them are beautifully done!! :0) Share humanity

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