12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

When he was alive, my uncle, who was the Bishop of Carlisle, was one of the 26 “spiritual peers” – bishops who sit in the House of Lords. In 1997, the first election in which Tony Blair’s Labour party gained victory, he invited us to the Houses of Parliament on the day of the State Opening. It was very exciting as we got to go behind the scenes, including having lunch in the House of Lords dining room. One of my favourite memories of that day was going to the toilet – yes, seriously! In the “Ladies” were lots of real life “ladies” in their tiaras and hitching up their long gowns to adjust their petticoats underneath. It was very difficult not to giggle. Therefore it wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere in Westminster, hidden away, you might come across Lords-a-leaping!


For Day 10 of my series of postcards – the 12 Days of Christmas Agathas, I chose to turn the little parrots into Lords by dressing them in red, complete with ermine collars, and giving them little crowns. Agatha Moon is sitting centre stage completely unphased by their behaviour, although maybe, like me, she is supressing a smile!

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 10 — 8 Comments

  1. That is so different and really really cute. So happy you have that wonderful memory. Makes you smile when you think no one is looking.

  2. Totally bonkers, it’s brilliant and I love it.

    I have been to the ladies in the HoP a few times but never on such a prestigious occasion, so there were no robes or ermine in evidence. How much fun that must have been.

    Dionne xx

  3. Oh how absolutely splendid for you to have that experience. Rubbing noses with the elite? How fun. Any chance of doing that again?
    Love this post card almost the very best, so pretty the lords with their red outfits and ermine collars, you are so elegant. Those parrots are so busy and ever present on your post cards with Agatha. How adorable can you get Lisette? Wanted to tell you grand daughter was absolutely crazy about your adorable card you sent her. I waited til after all gifts opened on Christmas when they came over. Says she’ll pin it up on her part of wall. Will tell her English boy friend she met in San Francisco about her Grand Mother’s friend in England who sent her a special card. I was so happy to give it to her. She’ll be going back to college on 16th. She’s going to be an “au pair” for family in Italy this summer. What an extraordinary experience for her. Her Mom told me it’s close to Swiss border.My Grandmother was from Switzerland,They lived in German speaking area.
    Tata dear, happy new year.

    • So glad she like her card and what a fabulous opportunity to au pair in Europe – wish I had done that! Whereabouts in England is her boyfriend from? I’ve been back to the House of Lords once, but I think that’s probably my lot!! Hope your recovery is going well xx

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