12 Days of Christmas Agathas – Day 12

So, sadly, I have reached the last of my series of postcards – the 12 Days of Christmas Agathas which alas also means it is the official last day of Christmas. Mr Beez and I have been busy taking down the decorations. We’re nearly done so, consequently, everywhere is looking a little bare, not to mention a little dusty. It was only right that Agatha should go out with a bang and I chose Agatha Crown to lead the cacophony of sound coming from this little lot:


Twelve drummers drumming (background from Kate Crane) and looking particularly pleased with themselves I’d say! I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and now I have to get my thinking cap on as to how to represent the Twelve Days of Christmas at the end of this year. And if you think I’m joking – I have already started counting down the days – 353 just in case you were wondering!

Thanks for buzzing by.


12 Days of Christmas Agathas – Day 12 — 2 Comments

  1. Another fabulous postcard, I have enjoyed this series so much, especially your ingenuity with the parrot. I have laughed out load more than once at their performance.

    However I cannot believe that it is day 12 already, all my decorations are down and I have just one or two more boxes waiting to be taken up to the attic. Now, as you said, everywhere needs a good dusting.

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you – the parrot was never meant to be the star of this show but just took over! Can’t say I will miss cutting out parrots by the dozen but I will miss the 12 days! Just the lights to pack away now and then we’re done, although it still all has to go up in the loft. I daren’t tell you how many boxes I have in total!! xx

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