12 Days of Christmas Agathas – Day 11

Before I began my series of postcards – the 12 Days of Christmas Agathas, I had planned out many ideas in my head. However, for some of the days I didn’t have a clue and hoped that inspiration would strike! Day 11 – Pipers Piping, was probably the one that I found most difficult. Then it came to me, instead of musical instruments I would use a tobacco pipe which, naturally, would be in the hands of a snowman!


You may have to peer quite closely, but I promise you that each of those cute little snowmen is raising a pipe in their right hand!


I found this adorable vintage snowman image over at Studio Shine on Etsy. I love their candy cane walking sticks. I didn’t feel it would be right for Agatha Christmas to be smoking a pipe so I drew a little flute for her to hold. You may have noticed that Agatha doesn’t have arms so I created some for her using a pair of legs!


Thanks for buzzing by.


12 Days of Christmas Agathas – Day 11 — 6 Comments

  1. You are such a clever girl, I would never have thought of snowman and there is no way I could have made a flute, you really are so talented.

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you 🙂 We are still having rain, rain and more rain. Can’t remember when the skies were last clear but it does mean it’s not so cold!!

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