Autumn leaves

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love seeing the trees turn from green to shades of yellow, orange and brown, especially on a frosty morning. Not that we have really had any … Continue reading

Little Miss Autumn

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 Pinch and Punch! So September begins and there is already a little autumnal feel in the air. Unusually, given that I live in England, I have been going about my business this summer … Continue reading

Autumn Tag and getting there in the end

Craft packages ordered=2, craft packages received =1 Last week you will remember that I had a little hiccup with my second project that I wanted to submit for the Crafty Boots challenge? Today I’ve finally managed to do what I’d … Continue reading

Autumn Days

Craft packages ordered =0, Craft packages recieved = ? – I lost count, there was a little stash waiting when I got back! (*blushes*) So here I am back from Grimsby, absolutely shattered and aching limbs and feet having been … Continue reading