Happbee Christmas!

Forgive me if I am unusually giddy today. Christmas generally sends me closer towards bouncing off the ceiling with excitement but events today have sent me beyond the point of no return. Firstly, pre-Christmas lunch number three – super special … Continue reading

Christmas wish

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 I don’t know about you but at the moment I am not managing to tick as many things off that are on my to do list as I would like. I seem … Continue reading

Christmas ornaments

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 Today has not quite gone as planned. Having felt on top of my (Christmas) game yesterday, today it has all gone a little pear shaped. I have been having stern words with … Continue reading

Christmas dominoes

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received = 0 I so loved making my little snowman altered dominoes, I thought I’d make a couple more to share with you. I used slightly different dominoes for these – they have musical … Continue reading

Now the holly bears a berry

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 number of times answering the door to delivery men bearing packages = 5 Now the panic of posting the cards is out of the way there is, of course, the need for … Continue reading

Black and white Christmas

Craft packages ordered =0, Craft Packages received =1 Are we getting there? I’m still in a big mess, but feel like I am beginning to make inroads. I’m crossing stuff off my list each day but keep on carrying things … Continue reading