Shiny stuff and some magpies

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages received =2 (just teensy weensie little Ebay purchases, very small – promise) It’s been quite a week. A clutch of birthdays, including my own, a few days off work – staycationing, lots of new … Continue reading

Button fairy – Brag Monday #3

Craft packages ordered = 0, Craft packages received = 0 Almost smug 😉 Button fairies. How can I have come this far in life and have only just discovered button fairies? Button fairies and me are natural partners. Since I discovered them, … Continue reading

It’s Olympic time – just in case you didn’t know

Craft packages ordered = 0, Craft packages received = 0, Craft packages lusted after – loads (should not have looked at Calico Crafts FB page) I’ve been reprimanded advised by my eldest son that I should be creating something to … Continue reading