Witches’ Brew – not for the faint hearted!

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 I love today – that is the day when the clocks have gone back. For me, this is officially the start of winter. I know many people think I’m bonkers, but I … Continue reading

Halloweeny bee?

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received  =0 (Can you tell it’s credit card bill time!) How many bee stamps should a normal crafter possess? I’m just asking as I currently have four and am thinking of investing another. Of … Continue reading

Drink me – altered bottle

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received = 0 I don’t think it’s any secret that I have magpie tendencies. Anything with glitter, bling or shine and I’m all over it. I don’t know about you but I’m currently finding … Continue reading

Haunted home?

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 My lovely relaxing long weekend is well and truly over. Back to work with a vengance today and trying to squeeze in crafting before and after. If only I could make crafting … Continue reading

Button witch

Craft Packages ordered =2, craft packages received = 3 (but in my absence so that’s only 1 per day) I only recently discovered button fairies and had great fun using images from The Graphics Fairy to make this blue one. … Continue reading

Bragging from Blackpool

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages recieved =0 Greetings from sunny Blackpool. Mr Beez and I had a great time yesterday. An afternoon stroll, with doughnuts, followed by an evening tram ride to see the illuminations and then a … Continue reading

Autumn Days

Craft packages ordered =0, Craft packages recieved = ? – I lost count, there was a little stash waiting when I got back! (*blushes*) So here I am back from Grimsby, absolutely shattered and aching limbs and feet having been … Continue reading

Altered Box – bees and flowers for Brag Monday

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 Still not feeling all that well and, after my lovely break, it’s down to earth with a bang and back to work with a bump. Thank goodness that with every Monday there’s … Continue reading