Here goes then – my first blog post!! Although I’ve been doing the rounds of blogs in recent months I can’t recall ever having seen anybody’s first post. Isn’t this the one that’s supposed to make or break you? Set you on the road to blogging history? So no pressure then?

Over the weeks I shall try and make my pages look like I want them to – how hard can it be? However, I decided it was important to just get on with it. I always intended my blog to document my crafting journey as I try to make it more than just a hobby. Over the past few months I have been gathering a HUGE craft stash. Having spent more than the budget of Greece I can no longer put off doing anything with it and, a bit like this blog, have to get on with actually it.

So to eliminate as much risk and damage to self-esteem as possible I decided to start work on some small pieces to leave as “abandoned art.” If this is new to you then check them out on Facebook and thanks to Zuzu¬†for sharing her discovery. I’m having a go at the July giving tree challenge which, with the weather we’ve been having, will be interesting. Here’s a sneaky peek of my prepped canvases. Come back soon to see what happens next!