Triple Abandonment – the final drop

Craft supplies ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 1

So today was the day of my triple abandonment.

First, to Caffe Nero where I left the butterfly:

Abandoned butterfly/moth in Caffe Nero

That was fun! On my return to the office I spotted the CCTV camera in the main reception so instead, as I left for the station, I left the rainbow heart in the lift! Wonder how many times it’s been up and down?

Abandoned rainbow heart, in the lift, East Parade

If you remember I was then heading for Leeds. Now Leeds station is a place I am very familiar with but I was hoping that my art could get a little further afield. The train I catch to Leeds has the final destination of Scotland – often Edinburgh, sometimes Glasgow and occasionally Aberdeen. On it’s return it could be heading for anywhere between Reading and Penzance. I decided I’d opt for the Scottish option, the 12.21 to Edinburgh.

The piece that I have abandoned is another mixed media using acrylics, silver leaf and a stamp from Katy Sue Designs Fairy Stamp. It started off as something completely different, which I hated. Then I covered up the mess and created a “happy accident”, But then I mucked it up again. But I like the way the moon has turned out and may recreate this for some other pieces. Think I would probably leave the silver leaf off too.

As luck would have it, I got a double seat all to myself (remember the Ben Elton gag?!). I took the photo’ early on in the journey. As I got off the train, making sure I was last, I didn’t look back. i then had a little panic hoping I didn’t spark a major secuirty alert and watched to make sure the train left the station without undue delay. Now I hope that someone finds it before they do a litter sweep through the train and it ends up in a bin bag (the art equivalent of a body bag???).  That would be tragic!


Come fly with me – mixed media with stamping.


Abandoned fairies – 12.21 Sheffield – Edinburgh train


Get ready for the triple abandonment!

Craft supplies ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 3  – shameful, especially when left with neighbours

Normally I work from home. This is NOT the doddle some people seem think it is. It can be very lonely, you end up working an incredibly long day and your work is ever present. Luckily, I live in the same city as my organisation’s head office so, instead of having to rely on conference calls (loathe em) I can go an bag a desk and worth there for the day. That’s where I’ve been today and I am returning again tomorrow.

I wanted to abandon a piece in the office building. My organisation is only one of a number of organisations housed there. However, I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow when I leave. That way, if anyone from my team discovers it, and makes a connection, I won’t have to answer for my actions. Contrary to my Leo birthsign, I am the shy and retiring type – but annoy me and you will hear me roar!

In addition to leaving that piece tomorrow I also have two other great opportunities to abandon some work. I’ll tell you you about  the first one as that will be the one I do earliest. For the third piece you’ll need to check back tomorrow.

The first piece I shall leave will be yesterday’s butterfly canvas. I will be finding a quiet spot in Caffe Nero on Fargate. I’m not sure of the time, but that’s where you’ll find it. Here’s a reminder of what’s up for grabs.

Moth transformed into a butterfly – mixed media with moth image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

Then, as I leave the office at lunchtime I will abandon my next piece in the ground floor foyer. So let me tell you about this piece. I had a left over canvas from last week and decided I’d like to try colour on a black background. I continued my obsession with dots and chose a heart, just because I could. I deliberately placed it off centre so that I could add some words to the side. This isn’t a great pic but you’ll get the idea of how it started out.

Rainbow Heart – first attempt, failed!


Now I loved the black background and the bright colours looked zinging but the darker colours kinda got lost. I thought I’d try a bit of white and see what happened. Better, but next time I’ll probably add a little more white first. It also took me a while to decide on the text – I didn’t want to use “LOVE”. The text you see is what I found via a google search. Sadly, no credit was given but I thought it worked well. Doing the writing freehand (OK so I did it light pencil first) was a big step but, all in all, I think it turned out alright.

Rainbow Heart – looking a bit brighter


Once I’ve abandoned this piece I will be off to Leeds which gives you an idea of where the next one will be left… to be continued.

The next challenge – time to start bragging!

Craft packages ordered = 2 Craft Packages received = 0 v.V Bad

Happy Birthday to my blog! A whole week of blogging – and I have absolutely loved it. As I said yesterday, the Giving Tree challenge was just the start of my crafting adventure (I’m sorry but I can’t be doing with “journey”) and the kick-start to my blog √ . My blogging resolution is to share something I have made, with you, every day.

I can quite happily make pieces that are just for fun and I do make all my own cards too. However, I have decided that it would be much more exciting to take part in some blog and craft challenges. Just one snag  – I only know of one. Now when I’m surfing the net I am always seeing stuff about challenges and linky parties etc… Since I started this blog – nil, nothing, nada. Except that is for the fantastic Graphics Fairy Brag Monday.

If you haven’t visited the site, I highly recommend it. I can spend days just drooling at all the beautiful vintage images that are there to download for FREE!!! As I have mentioned previously, this is where I got my blog banner and the little bee that I use at the end of my posts.

So, my first blog challenge will be for Brag Monday and I will continue to submit something every week until someone says stop. Each piece I make will be abandoned, but now I can pick my locations and time with a bit more cunning.

Now although I am showing you this piece today, Monday, it doesn’t get to be bragged about until next Monday. Clever uh? Have I got that right Karen? I’m going to try and work a week in advance (i.e. I post on Monday and, providing I follow the rules, it gets link to the GF site the following week) that way we all know where we are.

Anyhow, for my first piece I have chosen this simply beautiful image of a moth

Vintage Moth from the Graphics Fairy

Now “beautiful” and “moth” are not two words I would normally use in the same sentence but, I think you’ll agree, this is stunning. Shame my printer doesn’t really do it justice. I have several ideas for using this image but due to a lack of time, what with all that abandoning, I decided to stick to making a little canvas.

I used a mixture of Tim Holtz distress inks and stains together with  acrylic paints. Then all manner of over stamping and stencils, plus some rose stickers I have had for years, before I got the effect I was after. I got a bit despondant at times but I’m reasonably happy with the end result. The finishing touch was the gold leaf (which looks sort of silver in the photo’) which gave it the lift it needed. I dithered a lot about the decoupage but when I saw my first photo’ I went and added it. I think if I did it again I would decoupage all three.

You will also notice that I have turned this particular moth into a butterfly (well if I hadn’t have told you, would you have known?) by using a dictionary entry. More book vandalism!  Actually, I did cheat but I’m ashamed to say that a book was, unneccessarily, harmed in the process of crafting this piece.

Anyway, here it is all ready to be abandoned in my little corner of England. Let me know if you find it won’t you? 😉

Moth transformed into a butterfly – mixed media with moth image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy





Abandoned Art – Good to go and finding the giving tree

Craft supplies ordered = 0 Craft supplies received = 0 – but then it is sonday

Today’s the day! Very excited. All week I have been showing you the work I have prepared as part of the Art Abandonment Facebook group Giving Tree Challenge. I also mentioned the rain and how that would lend a bit of secrecy. However, it also means you have to package your stuff up really well so it doesn’t get spoiled before it’s found.

Here are the cards that will be left with the packages…

Label – both sides – I laminated these and included with the packages


Can I just say, this first abandonment did NOT go well! Firstly, there was a mild domestic between me and Mr Beez as to how to tie the packages to the trees. Then, instead of the rain providing the hoped for veil of secrecy, low and behold, we have sunshine. Nevertheless, we drove to chosen location one and pah! big open day in the environs HUGE!  Masses of people, nowhere to park so…

… off to chosen location number 2. Mr Beez refused to go into the proper woods insisting that the trees near the car park were fine. But peoplejust kept on rocking up. In the end I just had to go for it. I decided to leave only four out of the six. At that point of course I discover just how windy it is today – deep joy!  Just as Mr Beez was taking a pic a couple strolled up to have a good look. Did they take anything? We didn’t stay to find out but at least they took an interest. I have to say it wasn’t quite the Father Christmas moment I was hoping for.

Giving Tree Location 2 – who knew it was going to be windy!!!

Abandoned Art – The Giving Tree July Challenge

Two pieces left. Off to location 3 – the station. Our local station is generally just busy during commuting times. But not today – naturally. Two cyclists waiting for a train (how dare they!) couldn’t just stand still and look hopefully up the track. No, no, no they had to explore every nook and cranny. Once again, mission curtailed.

Location 4- our local village green. Now today should have been the well-dressing service and this normally takes place on the green. However, because of the rain, it is far too wet for lots of footfall and so it was EMPTY!!    This time we were undisturbed, although doubtless curtains were twitching. Will I go back and check – erm probably not but you can bet your life Mr Beez will.

Giving Tree – part 2, on the village green


Obviously if I tell you where the locations are that would spoil the whole thing but I don’t think, on this occasion, it would be difficult to work out as both are very close to home.  Location 2 was a park that begins with W close to where I live and not that far away from one of my crafty favourites Craftie-Charlie.

Sorry to Rachel and Daisy236 who I know were hoping to be finders but you never know – they may all still be where I have just left them.

Here’s a reminder of what I’ve been abandoning. Is this the end? No way, this is just the start 😉

Abandoned Art July 2012 – the Giving Tree challenge. The last time my little pieces were altogether before their abandonment 🙂

PS – As predicted – Mr Beez has been back to check. All four in Location 2 have gone – unfortunately some of the packaging has been left tied to the tree so will have to go and sort that. The other two remain.

Abandoned Art #6 – Bee Mine

Craft Packages ordered = 0 Craft packages recieved = 1 AND 3 shop purchases 🙁

You will notice that I have started documenting my craft packages. In an earlier post I mentioned that I was very good at buying stuff but a bit reluctant to use it. I’m also very good at “purchase denial.”  I have tried really hard this month but I think all that has happend is that, instead of lots of little ebay purchases, I’ve made some more “significant”  (yes I mean expensive) purchases instead. I promise to share them with you when they arrive and, more importantly, show you what they end up as.

The great thing about the Abandoned Art project I’ve been working on is that it’s encouraged me to have a go. I’m no artist but I can hang a few ideas togther in a crafty type of way. I wonder what the difference is between an artist and a crafter? Answers please.

So you can probably guess what today’s piece is without me even showing you a picture. It’s more mixed media and more book vandalism  –  the last of the Last of the Mohicans 🙂 I decided to make a textured background using torn squares of book then finger painted acrylics over the top. You can’t really see the squares, which is a shame as they tore really neatly,  but at least it was good therapy.

The bee had to be there (ouch!) and the dots reappeared. Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you my plan for these abandoning these babies. 😉

Bee Mine


Abandoned Art #5 – Remember

Craft packages ordered =1 (but includes a birthday gift so doesn’t count!) Craft packages recieved=0  (only a matter of time)

I love poppies and am also a big supporter of the British Legion Poppy Appeal. As a child, I was mesmerised by the Festival of Remembrance when the poppy petals descended on the assembled troops almost from nowhere; how they all stood untwitching as the delicate blooms fluttered by – one for each soldier killed in action. “We will remember them.”

Today’s piece wasn’t planned, it just evolved after I had finished Daisies are our Silver.  It’s  quite similar, using the same book (gasp!) and art materials. I knew my late Mum had written a poem about the first world war but was genuinely stunned, when I re-read it, to find references to a bee and the spurts of red both of which appear in my work.

My Mum wrote poetry in her spare time. Many are quite poignant and some are quite funny.  After she died we published a small collection for friends and family. I have included her poem “Poppies” below. If you like today’s post then consider a donation to the Poppy Appeal. Remember them.

The Poppies

Drizzle damping

Soldiers tramping

Down the Flanders road

Mud bespattered

Shell-shock shattered

Mortar bombs explode


From the trenches

Evil stenches

Rotting corpses lie

Others, wounded

All hopes grounded

Shriek aloud their cry.


Bodies lurching

Some soul-searching

Asking, asking “Why?”

Do we forment

Horror, torment,

Leaving men to die?


Summer’s coming,

Bees are humming

Down the Flanders Lane

Soft winds blowing

Poppies growing

On the Flanders plain.

Bright spurts of red

Where blood was shed

Everlasting stain

They grow there yet

Lest we forget

What men died to gain.

Elizabeth Mary Harland 1940 – 2000

© Lisette Baker

Remember – mixed media





Abandoned Art #4 – bees and books

Craft supplies ordered = 0 Craft packages arrived = 0 VG 🙂

I have more books than you can imagine. If people tell me they have a lot of books I always think  “huh, you ain’t seen mine!” I have books in every room of the house, books in the attic and, as I recently discovered, books in the garage. I have books of every genre, books I’ve read once, books I’ve read hundreds of times, books I’ve never read but want to and books I’ve never read and never will. I just can’t get rid of books. Going forward, a Kindle would be the solution but I love the feel, look, sound and smell of a real book.

Not only do I have my own books and my childrens’ books but I also have my late Dad’s books (and he had almost as many books as me, if not more!). I’m deciding what to do with them you see.

My love of books makes it very difficult when I see fantastic creations made from repurposed books (check out my Pinterest board). I desperately want to have a go myself but each time I cannot bring myself to harm my precious library. So I was thrilled when I came across a bag of books in the garage (goodness knows why they were there, a halfway house probably before I got rid – ha! ha!) and had a rifle through to discover a candidate to sacrifice! “Last of the Mohicans” since you ask.

I’ve ripped it, shredded it, torn it and drawn on it and reader, do you know what, I did it without a care? Ok, so there is only a tiny bit of evidence on the latest piece of abandoned art but it’s a start!

You will see the bee is back (yay!) and the words are from a hymn of my childhood  – “Daisies are our silver, buttercups our gold, this is all the treasure, we can have or hold”. You can find the rest of the words here: Daisies are our silver Enjoy!

Daisies are our silver, mixed media


Abandoned Art #3 – Just be

If you live in the UK you won’t need me to tell you it has been raining. A lot. A serious lot. And it feels like it has been raining forever. If you don’t live in the UK then a) you’re probably not that interested and/or b) you’ll be thinking “doesn’t it always?” Personally, I don’t mind the rain, it can be sort of cosy.

Today’s piece, purely by chance, reflects the wet weather and is a departure from the bees theme (they will be back!) although I did sneak them, sort of, into the title. You’ll also notice I couldn’t leave out the dots thing I’ve got going on at the moment.  The whole thing just evolved – a few distress stains and inks and a stamp all courtesy of the legend that is Tim Holtz.

I have created a back story for this – the man is waiting for his wife. He is either smiling, because he’s just caught sight of her through the rain or he’s a little melancholy because, sadly, he knows he’s waiting in vain. You decide!

Waiting in the rain



Abandoned Art #2 All about the Beez

It took a bit of time to come up with the name I would use for my crafting life. As someone who is Baker by name (and by nature actually, but more of that another time) any connection or pun automatically gives an expectation of food. All the names I would have liked had been taken – ever get the feeling that you might have missed the boat?

Youngest son, an aspiring DJ, originally entitled himself B-b-b-baker Boy. This soon became cumbersome and so, as it was all about the bs, became DJ Beez. As a teacher I was affectionately known as Mrs B and so…

As it happens neither of my sons, for different reasons, are particualarly impressed by my choice but who says you have to do do as your children tell you? Anyway, the Bee is a lovely logo (special thanks to Karen @ for the images. And… there are “busy” and “hive” associations which link nicely IMO.

So now you know! Here’s today’s piece ready for abandonment.

Bee Happy – abandoned art 2


Abandoned Art – the first canvas is ready!

So, you’ve seen the little canvases that I prepared ready for some  pieces of art that I intend to abandon as part of the Art Abandonment Facebook group. This month’s giving tree challenge is to adorn a tree with pieces of art that people can take as a gift. Fab idea isn’t it? Well, it certainly appeals to me. I’m hoping to do the deed at the weekend and that the current wet weather will mean less passing people in the wood so that secrecy is maintained.

I talk about canvas as if I’m a real deal artist but, rather than break into any of my crafty stash (heaven forbid you use stuff – it’s just for looking at and touching, right?), I painted some grey chipboard (grayboard?) with cheap white acrylic paint (playgroup type stuff) and PVA glue. No idea why I decided to mix in the glue, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I just messed about with Tim Holtz distress inks and stains, fingers and a bit of bubble wrap. The bee is stamped with black Stazon and hint of clear glitter glue smeared on the wings.

I quite like how it turned out – sort of what I planned in my head, which doesn’t always happen. Posting this pic on here is quite a big deal for me, but if you feel inclined to leave a comment I can take it.

All ready to bee (sorry!) abandoned.