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Today I am in need of from TLC – I feel a bit as if I’ve been through a wringer. On Tuesday I made a flying visit to London in the name of work, stayed overnight and then returned yesterday evening. I love visiting London but on this occasion there was “no time to stop and stare.” Tuesday night I had to work with colleagues through until midnight whilst we set up the venue for our training event and then yesterday an early start without even time for hotel breakfast, the delivery of the training course, packing up and the return home. The course went well and the delegates were lovely but the three of us were exhausted and were not best pleased when we were being hassled out of our venue as we reached the point of collapse. Dismantling and putting away 12 trestle tables is not fun at the best of times and certainly not when you have Mr Jobsworth breathing down your neck.  I then had to summon up the energy to make my way across London to catch the train home to Sheffield finally landing back at 9.30pm. I didn’t even have the strength to buy a doughnut!!!

I am very pleased that my project for today was “one I made earlier” this week!


This is an altered wooden heart that I am sharing over at Sunday Stampers for this week’s challenge which is to include wood. Now Hels is the queen of transforming MDF shapes and frames and also of the paper blocking technique such as I have used here. I would LOVE to do this as a workshop with her (hint, hint!).


I used coordinating papers from my stash, mainly using scraps and cut offs, applied them to the heart and then added a good layer of Mod Podge gloss. This is a technique I learned from Hels and it is one of the best bits of advice ever. The Mod Podge not only seals the papers but also means that any mistakes that follow (and I made plenty!) can be wiped off. I used a Stabilo All pencil to add definition round the papers. I think I should have done this before I sealed it, but am glad I did it afterwards as I made several errors but was able to remove them!


I stamped the butterflies and used Festive Berries to colour the red ones. I used the same ink to colour some seam binding and applied this across the centre.


It’s been quite a while since I used the fabulous Darkroom Door string inspiration sentiment stamps so I won’t apologise for popping one on here!


The finishing touches are some pieces of lace topped with pearls and a few buttons.


Having failed previously with paper blocking I’m very happy how this turned out and I’m itching to make another of these but with a some festive papers (for there are only 5 pay days and 174 actual days until Christmas you know).

Thanks for buzzing by.



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  1. This is stunning, I would even say outstanding and extra special. The paper blocking is fabulous and the balance of colours is perfect. I LOVE THIS!

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you! You have made me especially pleased as I did do a lot of messing to try and get the balance right 🙂 xx

  2. Sorry you had such a rough go of it, hope the rest of the week is less challenging. Lovely heart and the butterflies look amazing, I would never think to do those colors, but they are a gorgeous idea! ~Diane

    • Thank you Diane. Funny about the colours as I sort of had to force myself not to do monochrome and I’m not entirely sure where the red came from but it just worked somehow!

  3. I love your heart Lisette, it’s so special with that paper stash collage on it, and the butterflies, you know they are my weak point, they add so much to it! Fabulous my friend!

    • Thanks so much – glad you like the butterflies, sometimes I have to force myself away from them and this time I failed!!

  4. Oh dear, sounds like Mr Jobsworth needed a smack up the chops hun! Did you travel East Midlands trains? Used to drive for them :O) LOVING your altered heart, nowt better than paper blocking, butterflies, black, white and red… perfick… Thanks for joining in with The Sunday Stamper x

    • Ha ha – if I hadn’t been so tired I would certainly have smacked him. I did travel on East Midlands and I always think of you when I do – I can just picture you in the uniform (and I don’t mean that to sound kinky in any way whatsoever!!!!) and I love it that you and Graham used to exchange kisses when you passed each other.

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