Mrs beez and the beeswax

Well, I’ve only gone and actually done it! I’ve finally played with my Melt Pot and I managed it all without the need for first aid. It seemed only fit and proper that my first project should be one for Sunday Stampers, as it is entirely due to Hels Sheridan that I was not only inspired to purchase a Melt Pot but also, after attending her workshop,  became brave enough to give it a go. Having finally plucked up the courage to unpack it, I fell at the last hurdle when I discovered my very old black Stazon was not up to the job so had to wait until my visit to Art from the Heart on Wednesday. Anyway, take a look at my makes:


They are not perfect, but for a first attempt I’m quite happy. I used the Mod Podge moulds for all except the larger hearts – these were made using bezels like the one you can see in the picture.


All of the above were made using UTEE –  a mixture of clear and tropic red. The purple was clear with a bit of purple mica powder.

Here’s my project for the Sunday Stamper’s Challenge which has the theme of wheels, I’ve gone for cog wheels:


This is a chunky woodblock that I’ve altered. I have absolutely no idea why I have a stack of these in my stash, but I do. I began by giving it a coat or two of acrylic paint – blues, greens and a touch of white and yellow. Then I added a patch of red front and back.


Next, I stamped my images onto single ply tissue using my brand new Stazon. The hearts I cut out, but for the top and sides I used pieces of tissue that were the same size as the wood. Then to the Melt Pot. I used a project pan to melt some beeswax granules and then applied a thin layer over the woodblock. The tissue is smoothed over the wax, which sets very quickly, and then a heat gun melts the wax so that the tissue sticks and is coated with a layer of beeswax. I then used a brush to apply extra beeswax around the sides and edges to add texture.


The beeswax has been dusted with gold mica powder.

P1080139 P1080138

I added a brass key charm to the top and some Chit-Chat stickers to the front.


I actually made two altered blocks but you will have to wait until Sunday, when the new Anything But A Card challenge goes live, to see that! I am hugely pleased to have finally made merry with the Melt Pot AND to have done it without injury! Soonce again, big thanks to Hels and also thanks to my blog friend Ruth Levy who shared lots of hints and tips that helped and inspired me.


Thanks for buzzing by.



Mrs beez and the beeswax — 16 Comments

  1. Love it, all the embellishments and that woodblock as well, perfectly made, the colors are also lovely! Beeswax and UTEE are the winners! 😉

  2. Congratulations, do you think that now you have used your melt pot the once, you will be using it a lot? Great charms, you could save a fortune on these alone.

    Your steam punk wooden block looks great fun to have made and I cannot help wondering what melted bees wax smelt like? I love your tissue paper technique and I must try it some time.

    Have a great weekend.

    Dionne xx

    • I hope so Dionne! I’ve left it so it’s easily accessible. Once you’ve started and if you use a neutral colour you can get a supply done all in one hit. The beeswax smells gorgeous whilst it is molten. Hope you have a good weekend too. xx

  3. YAYYYY!!!! gorgeousness indeedily, I LOVES wood blocks, got Grimbob to make me a load a few years ago and now I needs more as I have used them all up! Will get him and his circliar saw thingy on the job! LOVE what you made, tis FAB… thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

    • Thanks for all your support, inspiration and encouragement. Funnily enough, I have a long piece of wood waiting to be sawn into pieces – have had it about two years so far!!!!

  4. So you finally jumped in and really landed on a winner, that’s for sure! Wow, this is gorgeous and well worth the wait to see! You must have been saving up all your Mojo to use on this piece. I love the colors you used and the beeswax looks so beautiful, I bet it smells wonderful too! ~Diane

    • Thanks Diane – the beeswax smells fabulous whilst it’s melted, but you have to be a bit careful and make sure the room is ventilated!!! Happy weekend.

  5. This is a very impressive first go with the melt pot!! AND you didn’t get burned! Your projects are an inspiration; maybe I need one of these things! Did you have any problems getting the hearts out of the metal bezel? Is there some type of release agent that goes in the molds? I haven’t been to a craft store for awhile, so I didn’t know that Mod Podge makes molds. I had seen some molds quite a long time ago, but they were pretty spendy for someone who doesn’t
    have the need for great quantities of charms.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Thanks Roberta. The hearts are really easy to get out of the metal moulds – no extras needed! What you have to make sure of is that you don’t touch the mould until it is cool enough. Not so much a problem with the smaller one I used but I would think the larger one would not only be much hotter but retain the heat for longer too. The only one I couldn’t get out again was the one in the picture and the reason it stayed firm was that I levelled it out with a heat gun afterwards and that pushed the UTEE right to the edges and it seems to have stuck firm. The Mod Podge moulds are designed to go with hot glue sticks (Melts?) and they are reasonably priced as you get quite a lot of designs on one sheet. They are quite small though so with some of them it would be hard to pour the UTEE into without spilling over the edges!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend too:)

  6. Love these so much. I think for a first time you rocked it! And I love the Key on the block it is so cool, I love how you put this all together so seemlessly

    • Thank you. It was fun and I made two blocks in the same way so very happy 🙂 Wondering if I can use these techniques on an inchie!!!

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