Leftover love

As I am still not quite back with it after my trip away I thought I’d share a couple of ATCs that I made before I went:


Having enjoyed making my ATC using up leftovers, I thought I’d have a go at a couple more. If truth be told, I whipped these up when I was allegedly tidying up. If you are a regular visitor all the elements of these will probably be familiar too you.


The background for this one is a sheet for the pad that I use when I am using acrylic paints. The surface is shiny and acts as a disposable palette so there’s no cleaning up afterwards – perfect for little old lazy me. I photocopied the page. selected an area I liked and then added bits an bobs of stamping using the Dylusions border and the star by Stampotique. The heart is cut, freehand, from another part of the sheet and I’ve used a black Stabilo All pencil to add shadow. The words are left over from my previous ATC.


This next one was made from a piece of copy paper that I have next to where I create my projects. it’s where I test out my stamps and colours and occasionally I pop a piece under whatever I am making to stop colour going everywhere. All the stamping was there already. The heart is another piece of scrap that I’d used whilst working with red ink. As a former teacher, I get a certain satisfaction from noticing that this particular piece of scrap is actually a photocopy of part of the National Literacy Strategy –  a document that took the fun out of reading and writing. The only extra additions are more Stabilo pencil and some white stamping and here’s a shameful confession: I didn’t ink the stamp to do this, I had put my stamp away without cleaning it. I know – I am a very bad crafter!


I am absolutely loving this technique, not only is it great fun but it’s a great way of recycling. I’ve even found myself looking at my scrap paper as I create something new, looking to see what has been left behind for me to play with.


Thanks for buzzing by.

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    • Thank you. I’m trying not to look at what’s happening to the scrap paper when I’m making so it all stays random. It’s not easy!!! xx

  1. The Atc’s look like you had fun making them, very carefree and looser than usual. I love all different styles you adopt when using certain materials. Happy weekend
    Love the bee with party hatted head.

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