Oo-ooo-oo-oo oo-oo! Sorry, that was me singing the song by Wings which, since I began working on this project, is exactly what I have been doing. Jet is the theme over at Every Inchie Monday this week. I decided to go with the gemstone that gives it’s name to the phrase “jet black.” Coincidently, the BBC programme Countryfile (Mr Beez’ a fan!) did an item on jet from which I learned some new things. Despite having visited Whitby, a seaside town not far from me, on numerous occasions, I have been totally oblivious to the fact that one of it’s many claims to fame is that it has an abundance of jet hidden in its coastline. I also learned that jet is the fossilised remains of the monkey puzzle tree. Not only will I look at the beach more closely next time I visit, I will also check the shops as I bet there are loads that sell it! Anyway, here are my inchies:


This is not actual jet, but the results of me playing with my Melt Pot over the weekend. I re-melted the leftover red and purple UTEE from my last session, added in some black and poured into moulds. I still need more practise as currently I return more items to the pot than I end up keeping. However, I did have quite a lot of success and am very excited about some of the shapes I made.


Starting off with the easiest thing, I dipped some white roses into the UTEE. When they came out they had lost a lot of definition, partly due to the dark colour, but this is easily remedied by wafting a heat gun over the flower so some of the excess drips off (watch your fingers!) and the rest is more evenly distributed.


This one is just UTEE poured into a very conveniently sized mould. I gave it a coat of Mod Podge glitter to add shine and sparkle.


Here’s a cute little owl and this is one of the shapes I’m very happy to have succeeded with. If you saw my project yesterday you will have seen the result of my rubbing gilding wax over set UTEE. Future owl shapes will be receiving the same treatment vey soon.


Finally, this is a little frame mould. Strictly speaking slightly larger than an inch, but only by a whisker! I can’t wait to make more of these and see how I can colour and fill them. For this one, I added a tiny piece of book page then another UTEE heart. The word was printed on my computer using a size 8 font.

P1080239 P1080238

P1080237 P1080233

One thing I’ve found with the Melt Pot is that it’s very addictive. If a shape goes wrong, and believe me many of mine did, you pop it back and have another try. If a shape goes well, you instinctively want to see if you can do another one. Either way, it isn’t something you can walk away from. In addition, I can now justify “needing” several different colours asap!

Make sure you buzz over to Every Inchie Monday and take a look at the incredible creations and inspired thinking from the other players.

Now although I am heading towards the coast this afternoon, it isn’t to Whitby (although it is part of my patch for work). No, once again I am off to Hull for a couple of days.

Thanks for buzzing by.




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  1. Fabulous inches and great work with your Melt Pot. I keep changing my mind about which is my favourite, the roses are amazing and the owl so cute and your picture frame looks brilliant with the red heart and the large ‘button’ looks so lush.

    I find both jet and amber fascinating, I believe that good quality Whitby jet is running out but in the hands of an expert the carvings are so beautiful. I would love to wander around the shops in Whitby to see it first hand.

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you. I used to spend hours on Cromer beach looking for amber. Now we are surrounded by Blue John, which can look stunning, especially the larger pieces (which is strange, because normally the smaller pieces are the ones I go for). I do love Whitby and I suspect the reason I’ve never noticed the jet is because I’m too busy looking at the sweet and fudge shops!!! xx

  2. I am blown away with these!!! You did an awesome job with these! I may have to look into that Melt Pot! Thanks for the intro to something new!! Beautiful work!! :0) Share Humanity

  3. I love these! But I adore the owl, I mean I’m a bird anyways so owls are always cool lol. Really love all that you did, So cool.

    • It truly is addictive but I heard yesterday Ranger have announced they are discontinuing the Melt Pot an all the stuff that goes with it which is disappointing.

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