In dispute

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Every Inchie Monday has the word “dispute” as the theme. The entries this week are particularly brilliant so do buzz over and follow the links to see them. It’s amazing what brilliant ideas everyone has and even more amazing about how much detail can be squeezed on to such a tiny canvas. My inchies relate to one of the biggest, not to mention bitterest disputes, in the UK – the miner’s strike. At the time of the strike, I lived in London and worked for the BBC and the miners strike made the news more or less every day.


 Anyone who remembers the  strike will undoubtedly have an opinion on it, rarely will you find someone who sits on the fence. Although I didn’t live here at the time, the part of the world I now live in had mining and the steel industry at its heart. It’s not unusual, even almost 30 years later, to come across neighbours, friends and even families who no longer speak to each other because of what happened during the strike. My first inchie uses a picture of a mining village ripped apart with a little broken heart.


The next reminds me of a wall near my uncle’s house in Doncaster, another South Yorkshire mining community which was filled with graffiti related to the strike. “Scab,” was the word shouted at miner’s who crossed the picket line.


I used a piece of Stampbord and used a marker pen to write the word, adding blotches to look like paint running down. Then I scratched a brick pattern and smudged on a little Black Soot distress stain.

P1060017Coal not Dole became a well known chant. I’ve used a little image of a sticker and mounted it on a black card inchie. I’ve added some black gems to represent coal.


The final inchie uses a different sticker. I added a couple of diamante “tears” to this one.

Thanks for buzzing by.


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  1. Wow, your inchies are so evocative of a very distressing time in this countries ‘recent’ history. I remember the miners strike and the coal miners who came to picket our railway station – think their aim was to stop the signal men working.

    You have really made me stop and think about that time, your inchies are very good.


  2. I love your ideas this week. When I was a kid there was a strike at the local meat packing plant, where most of my family worked. I remember my mom saying that she was not a “scab” So seeing this reminded me of that time. great job & I love the sparklies!

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