Burning bright

So today sees me back in the routine having thoroughly enjoyed the four day weekend. How about you? Most of my working weeks are hectic and sometimes they are full of things that I’m not looking forward to. This week sees a combination of both! When I find I have one of those weeks ahead it’s important to have something fun to focus on to help see me through. This week I have just the thing:


Yep, one of my favourite sweet treats – macaroons from Betty’s. Aren’t they pretty? Almost too good to eat, but that is definitely not an option. These landed unexpectedly on my doorstep yesterday, courtesy of my cousin. I’ve decided to treat myself to a couple each day (well of course I’m not sharing them!!!) that way I have something to look forward to and they will last a little longer, which has to be better for my waistline.

I may not be willing to share my macaroons but I will share one of my Gecko Galz projects with you:


This is an old preserving jar that I’ve turned into a fairy lantern using paper and a silhouette image from the Gecko Galz. The paper is from By the Shore and the image from Silhouette Stamps. This is the same combination that I used for the card I shared last week.



See how these two sets were born to go together?



I used Microsoft Word to combine the image and the paper, first removing the background so that the coloured paper would show through. I actually used three images so they go all around the jar. I’ve used double sided tape to stick the paper to the jar. Then added some of my favourite organza rose trim around the top.


I used distress stains and inks to colour some seam binding and tied it around the neck of the jar.


This gives a lovely warm glow when it is lit, but it’s hard to capture that on film!


I quite fancy making a set of these in different colours. Just need to get my hands on some more jars!

Thanks for buzzing by.





Burning bright — 8 Comments

  1. It is so hard to concentrate on your pretty fairy lantern with the photo of your box of macaroon at the top of your post, so distracting.

    The image around your lantern looks amazing and I would love to see it alight, I bet it goves off a lovely warm glow.

    Have a good week.

    Dionne xx

  2. This lantern is very pretty and soft-looking; I really need to order those images.
    As much as I love all your art, I’m afraid that those macaroons have stolen my attention. They are almost too pretty to eat, but I understand your unwillingness to adopt this option. I adore macaroons! Does your cousin ship to the States? I don’t mind if they’re a little stale; I’m sure they will still be yummy. Do enjoy them 🙂

    • You won’t regret it if you do Roberta and I am not on a commission I promise! I was once given a box of macaroons from Paris and they were about 3 weeks old – I still ate them and they were great! I am enjoying every single mouthful of this box and it’s very hard to ration them 🙂

  3. So you have us all drooling over the pretty macaroons, I have never eaten one but they look divine! I love your pretty fairy lantern and I am so happy to see someone else who uses Word to manipulate digital art. I just don’t understand the terms in those fancy programs, what is a “twain”? I think a set of these would definitely look stunning in pastel colors, yes! ~Diane

    • Word works for me Diane – I do have some other programmes but have lost patience!! I have never even heard of a “twain” – didn’t he write books 🙂 You have to treat yourself to a macaroon – I’d send you some but I think you would end up with stale crumbs!!!

    • Thank you Margaret – there is a lovely glow. Keep thinking of you now you have down time – hope you are enjoying?!

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