Snow House – 12 houses of Christmas Day 2

Happy Boxing Day Boxing Day! Apologies, we spin this joke out forever in my house, similarly, Christmas Eve. It’s a riot I tell you! I know some people will today be putting Christmas away for another year, in fact I know some people will have done that yesterday. But in our house I make sure we squeeze every last drop out of Christmas and enjoy each and every one of the twelve days to the full. To add to the festivities the snow has also arrived and how?! It seems that my part of the UK, Sheffield, took one of the biggest hits – enough to make it to the national news. (Snow is generally only reported on the national news when the softies in the south of England get a few flakes) This is the scene this morning:


It seemed only right and proper that today’s house, number two in my “Twelve Houses of Christmas” should echo the weather outside:




I don’t think any more snow is forecast and what we have will probably melt away quite quickly once it gets going.

Keep warm and thanks for buzzing by.


Snow House – 12 houses of Christmas Day 2 — 10 Comments

  1. Love the second house with all the snow effects, by the way it is snowing here as well from yesterday night till now non stop, but unfortunately it melts and all I can see is a big grey muddy water puddle all around, like my house is floating on top of it!

  2. Sorry I missed a few posts here Lisette … Your creations are terrific … you know I love houses!! We too have had snow but it’s almost gone now and freezing!! I hope you had a great Christmas and I’m wishing you a brilliant new year!!

  3. Snow is falling all around me, Children playing having fun, It’s the season of love and understanding. Merry Christmas everyone.

    Ha ha, have you got that song in your head now? Loving your 12 houses of Christmas. House number two is looking very appropriate today. Well not if you live in the soft south of course. No snow here!

    Dionne xxx

    • Yes you have got me singing and I love it! I nearly put in an apology, after my soft southerners comment,especially for you!!! Snow still sitting tight here 🙂 xx

  4. I love your little houses and look forward to the next ten! We had to scrape 6 ins snow from the car this morning before we could venture out. But we’re hard oop north aren’t we? Good excuse to stay in and craft though?! Thank you, Jan

    • We are very hardy Jan 🙂 Where we are we are likely to sit with the snow for several days whilst down the hill it will all have gone!!! Glad you like the houses 🙂

  5. How lucky for you to get snow!! It’s been unseasonably warm here and in other parts of the country as well, so enjoy the beauty while you have it.
    I’m like you and don’t stop celebrating the season until 12th Night.
    Love your snowy house and am looking forward to the next ten to come; I love houses, too!

    • So glad you are another full 12 days of Christmas person. On the news they were talking about what to do with used Christmas trees today – it’s too soon for any of that!!! 🙂

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