12 houses of Christmas – Day 1

Happy Boxing Day! I hope you had a great day yesterday and that Father Christmas rewarded you well for  making it to the nice list! I had some fabulous surprises and hope to share some of them with you over the next few days.

If you buzz by here regularly you will know that I have a BIG thing about little houses. I should warn you now that my love affair with mini-dwellings is likely to become more intense in 2015! For the past couple of years my projects for the post-Christmas period have been variations on the “Twelve Days of Chistmas.” If you seek out these past posts on my blog I apologise if there are many pictures missing – I am doing my best to restore the damage that was done when I had blog issues back at the start of the summer. Anyway, I decided to continue the trend this year and thought 12 little houses would be fun to do. Originally I intended that I  would have had the first half dozen or so all ready to go and to have scheduled the posts. Unfortunately, that is not the case! So, whether this ends up being a random series or linked in some way I have no idea but here’s the first I have to share with you:


This is for a special blog friend of mine who has had a tough 2014 but managed to come through it all with stoicism and a smile. She was a little robin to her grandfather and this was the inspiration for house number one.

Thanks for buzzing by



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  1. Yeey, we are getting a whole neighbourhood to see, I adore your little houses and you know that, I love the bird and a heart on this, and with the green/red combo it looks really jolly! Happy boxing day! 🙂

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