It’s Christmas (In July)!!!!!

Craft packages ordered=0, Craft packages received = 1 (but it was glitter – you gotta have plenty of glitter!)

Wednesday I baked like crazy. Yesterday I cleaned like crazy. Both in readiness for my little Christmas in July celebration. I always end up baking too much although I always have to make “leftovers” for Mr Beez to take into work and the boys Beez would be gutted if there was nothing left for them to pick at. Yet, even so I never end up making half of what I’d planned.  Anyway today was fantastic and great fun. I thought I’d share some of the pictures with you plus show you a couple of other little bits that I crafted as gifts.

I love all the little candy wrappers and covers that you see knocking about on Pinterest and have been wanting to have a go at these Tic Tac covers for ages. I only bought the small boxes of Tic Tacs and started off by cutting some covers from pale blue card. The “snowman poop” labels were a free download from Whimsie Doodles (thank you), cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo, coloured them with Sharpies and tinted the edges with some Versamark cyan . Naturally I couldn’t resist adding a little glitter! I cut a small doily from pink card, once again using my Silhouette. Simples!

Snowman poop labels via Whimsie Doodles

Whenever I make anything like this I always assemble one to find out how it works and then do an assembly line job. As usual, I realised how I could improve these next time! (Make the cover bigger and don’t stick to all 3 sides). But the main thing is that I did them and they’re fun! I shall make these in December as snowman kisses for my newphews and, if I can find orange Tic Tacs – pumpkin poop for Halloween.

Finished snowman poop boxes

My final gift was a little choccie bar in a Santa suit wrapper. This was sooooo easy. The wrapper was part of a set I bought as a digital download from Flipchick Designs, on Etsy, back in January when I was desperately trying to hang on to Christmas!

Little chocolate bars wearing Santa Jackets

These are the completed bags that everyone went home with.

Goody bags – good to go!

Below are a few photos of the festive feast. Hope you like and Happy Christmas – in July, of course 😉

Snowman cups with crudites

Spiced winterberry cocktail – in a moose mug!

Egg Nog buns

Spruced up vanilla cake

Cheesy Christmas tree

Brownies with chocolate strawberry hats



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  1. Oh no have I missed the Xmas goodies at work 🙁 it all looks lovely 🙂 hope u had a fab time. Time for a rest today? X

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