It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in July)

Craft packages ordered = 0 Craft packages received = 0 This good.

Every year I have a little Christmas in July celebration. Yes really. I just love Christmas. I begin counting down to Christmas on January 1st. So having a little mid-year celebration whets the appetite for the real thing.

It started as a friend and I getting together to watch QVC’s Christmas in July (and again, yes really). Then it snowballed a bit, and then a lot. So this Friday is the day on which a few us will get together to celebrate. Which means there will be two celebrations as QVC’s Christmas in July is on Wednesday. Goody!

This probably means that when I now ask you whether you have guessed what this is, you will have put two and two together:

Sneaky peek – can you tell what it is?

Yes, you got it, this is the beginnings of my homemade Christmas baubles which I shall be giving as gifts on Friday. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to “Baubles to Make” and these are the first I’ve actually gone and done. There are instructions all over Pinterest and the internet on how to coat the insides of plain glass bauble with glitter. However, most of these, which are from the USA, use some type of Pledge floor stuff that I just couldn’t find here in the UK. So I’m very grateful to Little Gray Fox who posted some alternatives and some really clear instructions on her blogspot.

First of all I tried using watered down PVA glue, but that made a load of bubbles (which pop and leave gaps). It didn’t help that I obviously added the glitter too soon and so all the unused glitter mixed in with the still very wet glue to make a big old lump that stayed inside. So a quick trip to Homebase for a tin of standard clear gloss varnish.

I made a little funnel out of some acetate so I could pour the varnish into the bottle without spilling and this worked a treat. You slowly coat the inside of the bauble with the varnish and then turn it upside down over a container and leave to drain. I left mine for between 20 and 30 minutes. It was amazing how much varnish came out. Use a cotton bud to wipe the neck of the bauble and also to remove any bubbles. Make sure you have a damp cloth handy just in case you get varnish on the outer bauble. I found I could use the drained off varnish to coat further baubles.

Glass baubles – inside coated with clear gloss varnish. Can you see that bubble? Pop with a cotton bud!


Then in with the glitter and shake it all about until the insides are completely coated. Then leave to dry. How cool are these? (The plain glass baubles came from Panduro Hobby by the way)

Glittered baubles

Glittered bauble

Once dry, I cut some letters out of black vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo. I was going to add ribbon but changed my mind (i.e. couldn’t be bothered). I did add a small jewel to each initial (have you noticed my friends all have similar initials?!). Can’t wait to make more of these.

Finished baubles with monograms

Glittered mongrammed baubles

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