Green is the new pink

Craft packages ordered =1, craft packages received =0 Create and Craft is BAD! The celebration of green continues in earnest and I still haven’t learned any new words to Green Tambourine. For those of you who don’t know, this is the … Continue reading

Green hog day

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages recieved = 0 (credit card due any day!) A couple of weeks ago I just happened to mention that me and green were rarely seen, that it wasn’t my most favourite colour. Since … Continue reading

Steaming & Punking and making a mess – Sunday sTampers #219

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages received = 2 – At last!!!! Who didn’t get all excited about the Olympic Games opening ceremony? And who shouted “Steampunk” when the men appeared in their goggles?  Was that just me then? … Continue reading

Shiny stuff and some magpies

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages received =2 (just teensy weensie little Ebay purchases, very small – promise) It’s been quite a week. A clutch of birthdays, including my own, a few days off work – staycationing, lots of new … Continue reading

Sunday Stampers #217 Pattern – another one! (I know)

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages received = 2 – never a good idea to have packages arrive on a Saturday when everyone’s home to witness the crime. Today I’ve been to Chatsworth and took the opportunity to abandon some art. … Continue reading

Another twinchie – Sunday Stampers #217 Pattern & Little Things

Craft packages ordered = 0, Craft packages recieved = 1 – the QVC package I told you about yesterday. Remember – it doesn’t really count 😉 So, yesterday I shared my twinchies but, being a smart bunch, you noticed that … Continue reading