Green hog day

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages recieved = 0 (credit card due any day!) A couple of weeks ago I just happened to mention that me and green were rarely seen, that it wasn’t my most favourite colour. Since … Continue reading

That’s the wonder of washi – CCCB#123

Craft packages ordered =1, craft packages received =0 Well I’m sorry but Create and Craft are having a monster giveaway and this was just TOO good to miss! I love it when a blog challenge gives me the opportunity to … Continue reading

Material things – City Crafter Fabrications Challenge #122

Craft packages ordered =1, craft packages received = 0 Oh dear! I mentioned this was a busy week – and so it continues! Having spent a lovely day at the seaside yesterday I realised that today I need to get … Continue reading

A new challenge – Hello City Crafter

Craft packages ordered = 0, Craft packages received = 0 VG  OK so it’s Sunday, but there’s a whole shopping world on the internet that never closes! Should I worry that I get a little giddy when I find a … Continue reading