Little house tag

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 Oh the bliss of it being the weekend! Had a lovely time at the theatre last night – Woman In Black was brilliant, both funny and scary and I’d quite like to … Continue reading

Autumn Tag and getting there in the end

Craft packages ordered=2, craft packages received =1 Last week you will remember that I had a little hiccup with my second project that I wanted to submit for the Crafty Boots challenge? Today I’ve finally managed to do what I’d … Continue reading

Haunted home?

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =0 My lovely relaxing long weekend is well and truly over. Back to work with a vengance today and trying to squeeze in crafting before and after. If only I could make crafting … Continue reading

A Tangled Web

Craft packages ordered = 0, Craft packages received = 0 Phew! Finally, here I am with my project for the current Crafty Boots challenge which has the theme of “3”. I know that earlier in the week I submitted a card … Continue reading

A little extra portion

Because of my strange internet browsing ways, the fact that Crafty Boots had slipped in an extra little challenge to celebrate World Card Making Day. Now as this is one of my favourite blogspots and I wanted to mark World … Continue reading

Flying tonight

Craft packages ordered =0, craft packages received =1 I began to wonder if I was ever going to get here today. I started off so well, planning to get myself all organised so that my time away over the next week wouldn’t interfere … Continue reading

Through the wardrobe

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages received =0 As a child I loved books as much as I do now. I still have most of my books from when I was younger and they all bear the scars of … Continue reading

Little house of love

Craft packages ordered = 1, Craft packages received = 1 And I was doing so well this week 🙁 If you’ve been here before, you will know that I love anything miniature and am a big fan of little houses and … Continue reading

Tweet Tweet Crafty Boots

Craft packages ordered = 0, craft packages received = 4 ( but I have been away so they probably came on different days) Having successfully completed my first little house it was my intention to do another, a bird house, … Continue reading

Postcards from the edge – Crafty Boots number 2

Craft Packages ordered=0, craft packages received =0 This is a week of birthdays and celebrations. Today it’s mine – but keep it to yourself, I don’t like a fuss. Then on Friday there are three birthdays so time to get … Continue reading