Showing you the green

Craft packages ordered =0 craft packages received = 0 I thought I’d take a little break from card making even though, as I mentioned yesterday, I need a stack of birthday cards. It’s been on my mind for a little … Continue reading

Snow fairy for the Graphics Fairy

Craft packages ordered =0, Craft packages received =0 So it has finally snowed! There was the tiniest bit overnight on Saturday but this morning everywhere is white. However, it’s not the sort of snow that brings everything grinding to halt, … Continue reading

Art doll

Craft packages ordered =2, craft packages received = 0 Monday already. How can that be? At least it’s Bonfire Night, another celebration that I love. We always have  a few fireworks. November the 5th was my Mum and Dad’s wedding … Continue reading

Button witch

Craft Packages ordered =2, craft packages received = 3 (but in my absence so that’s only 1 per day) I only recently discovered button fairies and had great fun using images from The Graphics Fairy to make this blue one. … Continue reading

Button fairy – Brag Monday #3

Craft packages ordered = 0, Craft packages received = 0 Almost smug 😉 Button fairies. How can I have come this far in life and have only just discovered button fairies? Button fairies and me are natural partners. Since I discovered them, … Continue reading