When will we three meet again?

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Happy Halloween one and all. Firstly, an apology if you have received a ton of notifications from my blog. I’m not sure what has happened, or why, but I can only assume the spooks have taken over WordPress. Thank you for your patience whilst I try and get it sorted.

Today I am sharing a card that I made as one of my Design Team pieces for the Gecko Galz.


As soon as I saw this photo of three witches I knew I had to use it. Macbeth is my favourite Shakespeare play and this picture gave me the perfect opportunity to use some words from the play alongside.



In addition to the Gecko Galz images and papers I’ve added some black lace and then a little arrangements of black branches and a crimson rose.



And, because I am in love with this stamp and today is the last opportunity to use it, I have made one more little ghost to share with you.


My pumpkin deely boppers are at the ready, the treats are by the door all I need to do now is light the candles. Here’s hoping you have a good one with plenty of treats and hopefully no tricks!

Thanks for buzzing by.


When will we three meet again? — 8 Comments

  1. Happy Halloween. Using the three witches was a great brainstorm. So appropriate. Have a good day.
    Raining today in New York.
    Lesline Williams

    • Right back at you! I’m guessing NY is THE place to be for Halloween – shame about the rain though. It’s forecast here for later and as soon as I went and lit the pumpkins outside it got a little windy. Enjoy x

  2. Cloudy day here also but they are saying rain will hold off until after midnight. I hope so or my daughter will have 4 very sad children. The clouds and mist kind of add to the spookiness of the night when the time arrives. Oh your three witches are grand….and perfect for your project. And you already know I love your ghost stamp. So many way to use that cuteness. Happy Halloween to all who follow.

  3. I am loving the global weather report. For the record it has been damp and overcast all day here in the south of England but the rain has held off.

    I love your three witches, your card has just the right amount of ‘dark’ going on.


    PS My best year ever for callers, I have had to refill my pumpkin bucket and all my treat boxes have gone.

    • So far, only 3 lots of callers. We have no rain as yet, and so far the wind hasn’t been strong enough to blow the outside lanterns out! xx

  4. How perfect the 3 witches and your little ghost stamp is so cute, how many ways you can use that. When I come to your posts I can hardly wait to see what you’ve done with simple things, so talented. Hope Halloween was good where you are. Do you have Halloween in England? Sorry I really don’t know. duh. Happy weekend

    • Thank you, I could play with that little ghost all day and dress it up in different ways! We do have Halloween over here, it’s not anywhere near as big a thing as it is in the States but it’s got bigger over the years. However, my family have always marked it and one of my earliest memories is of my mum making a witch out of a cape and mask and cutting out cardboard toadstools that she decorated with sticky paper! Hope you had a good one and enjoy the weekend. x

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