Snow day

The title of today’s post is about the weather and not the project I’m sharing as yesterday the snow returned and how! On Wednesday I spent the afternoon setting up my training event, unloading our van in the cold and sleet. During the evening, the snow started and continued to fall all night and for most of Thursday. Consequently I had to cancel not only yesterday’s training but also today’s. Take a look at how it was outside my house.

Dore jan snow

This was taken around lunchtime, the snow was falling heavily, and there was plenty more that arrived after this.  I always use that stone bench, which is in the near left of the picture, as a marker of how much snow has fallen, there was a good seven or eight inches at that point. Today’s dilemma is to work out how my colleague and I can get the van across to the other side of town so we can pack up all our equipment. I fear we may not be able to do so!

As we reach the end of the month it’s time to play catch up and share some of my Gecko Galz makes that I’ve not yet had time to post.


This was a very simple card to do, the key supply being printable acetate. I’ve used a stamp from the All You Need is Love digital stamp set and printed it onto the acetate. It’s then been layered onto some gold glitter card. To adhere it, I ‘ve used glue gel, as this clings to the glitter, and put tiny blobs, using a cocktail stick, behind the solid parts of the letters.


I’ve then layered everything onto black card.


It will be interesting to see how today pans out 🙂

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  1. Lisette, I love that snowy photo in front of your house, but even more I love the contrast between the snowy landscape and the warm golden card, it really gives the feeling of love and care!

    • Thank you. Yesterday the snow was “vandalised” as people cleared the road and their driveways. I guess it has to be done but I love it when there is just a thick blanket, unblemished!

    • Thank you Christi. First I print onto acetate (you reverse the image as the printable side is rough and you want the glossy side to be on the front). The image already had some parts that were solid (the L, O and V) and then a blob glue on the solid parts as that doesn’t show. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that England got that much snow! Is this normal for you? We’ve had some dire predictions for Maryland in the past few weeks, but the storms have always hit further north of us, leaving us with little or no accumulation. The upper northeastern coast of the country, however, has been hammered big-time. From the looks of your bench, you need to give yourself a snow day and have some fun crafting; I think Mother Nature decided that you could use a break 🙂
    I do like this card, simple and elegant. I’ve used this same idea except I stamped my image on acetate and mounted it over a gilding flakes background. After seeing your lovely card, I think I need to revisit this technique.
    Have a relaxing, refreshing weekend. xox

    • Love the idea of Mother Nature giving me some crafting time! I love gilding flakes but I always end up in a terrible mess when I use them – just call me Goldfingers! ! They don’t work quite so well when you’ve used a printed rather than stamped design on acetate as sometimes the ink can lift – or that may be me being too heavy handed 🙂 It’s not unusual to get this much of snow in my part of the world, if it decides to snow then Sheffield often takes a big hit. Generally it’s usually gone within a few days with my road being one of the last to clear completely. Now the neighbours have done some clearing I think there will probably remnants hanging around for ages as it was piled so high!!!

  3. HI Lisette Did you think I’d left the country? If I could I’d fly to England to see all your gorgeous snow but then the flight would most likely be canceled as they have been this week. No snow here, just rain and been really pretty, like Spring most of time. Really weird winter here this year, first like it since we moved here in 2004. I sure do miss the cold and snow on ground.
    Your project is so beautiful, the gold is so rich looking. As always you have done such a beautiful job on what you make.
    I have some Anna Griffin alphabet stamps that are like ones you used, might see what I can do with them, love her stuff. Few years ago she was quite popular but her reign has passed I guess. Her stuff is very old fashioned, kind of Elizabethan. Used to be able to get her papers, so pretty. I’ll have to do digging see what I can find that I have left. I have some of her booklets with projects and as I said some of her stamps. Are you at all familiar with her stuff? Had you heard of her in England?
    if you want to reply please do so to:
    I have new pc and it got infected with some bad stuff. Had to get it fixed. Also got new printer and sewing machine. Still working on getting printer to work with 8.1. Would love to hear from you. Be very careful driving in that slippery wet stuff. Did you ever make it to get your equipment? Take care ok??Happy weekend

    • I did wonder if you had left the country and I was only talking about you yesterday evening! I have tried to reply to your new email but it bounced back so have sent it to the old one – let me know if you get it. Great to have you back xx

  4. Oh my, we got snow but nowhere near as heavy as yours … Not a problem either when you don’t have to go out … That’s the bonus of retirement!
    Fabulous card Lisette … Very classy. Take care!

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