Pulling mussels from a shell

So my working week away started by shredding my fingers on various bits of cardboard and finished by standing on a wasp in my bare feet, whilst in the middle, I managed to remove a piece of my fingernail whilst opening a bag of ice! How did you fare? I mean I really am not a clumsy or accident prone person but this week it seemed my destiny to wear numerous blue plasters.

Anyway, cuts and bruises aside, I managed to rustle up a little something to share over at City Crafter Challenge Blog where this week there is a mood board for inspiration.


Here’s my card:


I bet you were expecting something sea or beached themed weren’t you. Yep, so was I – that was what I intended. I’d been thinking about that enormous starfish and building up an idea around it, only to discover that my starfish supply seems to have run out. You know how it is. So, thinking and creating as I went I chose instead the leafy stem in the top corner. The leafy stamp from Paperartsy’s Squiggly Ink Flora and Fauna 3 set, one of my current favourites, was perfect for the job. Not too dissimilar from the seaweed images either.


For the background I picked up on the fabulous greys through to purples of the mussel shells and stones and smooched on Iced Spruce, Chipped Sapphire and Seedless Preserves. Next, I gave it a spritz of water so create a speckled effect. I coloured the branches black, capturing the colours of the seaweed.


The little stamped stars are a nod to where I started – the giant starfish.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for buzzing by.


Pulling mussels from a shell — 11 Comments

  1. Oh poor you!! I hope you are feeling better … You managed to create something really beautiful in the midst of your pain and I’m so grateful that you took the time to join us at CCCB! Thanks Lisette … Do take care!

  2. Wow, this is so simple and so effective! I love your background color blending; your choices are perfect for this challenge. This is not what I expected to see, but I think it shows a lot of creativity and imagination. Great job! (I was missing your fab white dots, but then I don’t think they would fit with the theme, unless they could be sea foam.)
    Glad you’re closing in on the end of all this travel. If there’s a Betty’s around your sites, treat yourself to some macarons; you deserve them!

    • Thank you. Funny you should say that about the white dots (I had the same thought about sea foam!)as I did put them on the first version. However, I didn’t like the colour of the background (not mussely enough!)and decided the white dots were not quite right. However, if you buzz by on Sunday you will see my white pens have been busy!!! (Always think of you when I’m using them!) Sadly, no Betty’s nearby (actually, my current location has very little at all) BUT again, check out my Sunday post to see that I haven’t been short of a bit of Betty’s love 🙂 xx

  3. Fabulous take from the inspiration board, I love the moody background colour you have created, it works so very well with the vine/leaf stamp.

    I shudder to think what you are going to do to yourself next week, do take care please.

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you! Ha, ha – next week there will be no blue plasters, it’s far too much effort filling in an accident form each time! :)xx

  4. I am so glad that despite all the injuries you were able to create another stunner. And share it with us. I hope you feel a bit better and wear less plasters…..Thanks so much for joining us at CCCB! Good to have you with us again!

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