On yer bike!

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This week’s theme at City Crafter Challenge is to use a bicycle in your project. Here’s my take:



When I lived in the remote countryside of Norfolk, my main way of getting from place to place was by bike. Buses, even then, were few and far between and if you missed the one coming home you could be stranded for a week! We went through phases of decorating our bikes with different embellishments and I also remember attaching a piece of plastic to the front wheel so it hit the spokes and made a noise like a motorbike. I can imagine that made us very popular! However we never had anything quite as glamorous as this!



I found this beautiful vintage image over on Etsy and added some touches of Sweet Pea Flowersoft. I’ve used papers from my “leftovers” stash to create lots of mats and layers and edged them all with Vintage Photo.


I’ve used some gorgeous flowery trim from Wild Orchid Crafts across the base and then snipped a couple of individual roses to add to some paper ones in a little corner arrangement.


I’ve added more roses, a seam binding bow and some more pearls in the opposite corner.


Sometimes, you just can’t have too many roses!



It’s probably a blessing that I know longer have a bike of my own as it would probably end up looking something like this. If you’ve ever seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe learns to ride a bike, you’ll have an idea of what I am capable of! I can hear Mr Beez’ resigned sigh as I type!



On yer bike! — 8 Comments

  1. Fabulous, I love your floral dance – I mean bike! Lovely lace and flower embellishments.

    It is nice to know that public transport in Norfolk has been rubbish even since Mr Beecham’s visit.

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