Now bring us some figgy pudding – yes, now!

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You’ll remember that I am a Christmasholic and that I celebrate Christmas twice a year – squeezing in an extra celebration in July. You’ve no idea the restraint I’ve had to show in NOT blogging lots of Christmas themed posts. So imagine my delight when I came across a new blog challenge where Christmas is the theme. Whoop! Whoop! What a great find Crimbo Crackers is – just made for me!

Running fortnightly challenges, they’ve reached challenge #22 (gutted I missed the first 21) which is all about including a Christmas pud. Now I LOVE Christmas pudding. I took over making it for my mum and have made it ever since using a recipe I learned at school when I was 11 years old. I do add and change things but the basic recipe stays the same. I always make it duirng the last week in October, along with the Christmas cake, and everyone has a stir and makes a wish.  It’s also a tradition in our house to state that the pud”is the best ever”.  As well as flaming it with brandy we now also pop a mini firework cake fountain in (once the brandy has gone out) for extra razmatazz.

Making a card that included a Christmas pudding was a joy to do. Difficult for someone like me who dithers a lot about backing papers, mats, layers and embellishments. This week I didn’t have time for messing so more or less got on with it. Backing papers, tags (goodness knows where that red one came from, but it was jolly handy), buttons as embellishments and a bit of gold net – that’s about it.

Christmas pudding card – the first for 2012!

Christmas pudding Christmas card

That’s the first Christmas card of the year. Another tradition in this house is to say in December – “next year I’m going to start making them in February and do a few each month” .. if only!


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