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As you know, one of my main passions in life is food and I have always been a keen cook. I was lucky in that as a child I was encouraged to cook and given quite a free rein in the kitchen. My cousin and I regularly made buns and took great delight in icing them with all sorts of lairy colours that have probably long since been banned. A large part of my job now is to get people cooking so they can cook meals from scratch using basic ingredients. I travel around my region with a van packed full of cooking equipment and ingredients which then has to be unloaded, unpacked and transformed into a cooking and demonstration teaching area. At the end of the day, and sometimes two days, it’s all packed away so we can do it all again somewhere else! I know I’ve posted this photo’ before but…


We have to be very careful when we open the back door that it doesn’t all come tumbling out on to the pavement!

All that pre-amble was simply my way of leading in to today’s project which is a card that I have made for the current challenge over at City Crafter Challenge Blog -What’s Cooking?


This lovely vintage image, from The Vintage Workshop, reminds me of the cooking sessions we run. People working in groups and sharing out the tasks. However, that cute little cat would not be allowed at the party. Those splodges by the way are part of the image and not be being messy! However, my cookery books do tell a story in that well used recipes often display remnants of the ingredients used. That’s sure to add to the value when they pitch up on Antiques Roadshow in years to come.


Tucked behind the image is an image of a recipe which I took from my beloved Betty Crocker cookbook. This is a vintage cookbook that I just love to read and look at the pictures. The names of the recipes are so enticing – RichYellow Cake, Araby Spice Cake, Peppermint Chip Chiffon, Exquiite Coconut Cake… I just want to make, and of course eat, the lot!

I’ve layered up the images with cardstock, a doily and designer papers using a red, to compliment the girls dresses, and black for contrast.


I’ve used some red and white ribbon to create a bow and tucked in some little red and white berries and the tiniest little wooden spoon that I happened to have in my stash.



If you’d like to pick up some healthy recipes, for free, you can buzz over to the Let’s Get Cooking at Home website and take your pick for free. The Oat and Raisin Cookies are great for a quick sweet treat and the Italian Chicken Pasta Salad, written by yours truly, is a great dish for the summer. If you want to rustle up a quick curry then the Speedy Chicken Biryani (use cashew nuts if you’re a veggie) is always popular with our delegates.

Thanks for buzzing by.


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    • Hello! What are you doing buzzing over here? I hope you clicked on all those links to pick up your recipes? Love you xx

  1. OMG, that tiny wooden spoon is sooooooooo cute! The red, white and black colour theme is fabulous and your design is outstanding. It reminds me of a war time advert showing ladies how to cook meals on a ration book.

    I loved reading this post and you have got me thinking about cooking foods I do not even like, just because you recommend them – are these recipes your invention?

    Dionne xx

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m thinking of making a large version of this for when my colleague leaves and putting a full size wooden spoon on!!!! I have a set of cookbooks, by Margueritte Patten, that are all wartime recipes including one for making marzipan out of potato!!! The Italian Chicken is my invention but not the other two. I will confess that with the oat cookies I usually use butter if making them for home and love them with cherries and pecans or coconut! They are especially quick if you melt using the microwave and I have been known to rustle up a batch because I need something to go with my afternoon cuppa!!! xx

      • I think a large version of this card will look brilliant. Perhaps you could make a box of cookies to go with the card, always very acceptable.

        • That’s a great idea. I’ve tracked down a small (but not mini) wooden spoon and got some A4 card blanks. Watch this space…xx

  2. I had no idea that’s what you did for your outside job. You are more than multi-talented then. Besides being so artistic you’re also a culinary expert. Where you get time and energy to create cards is beyond me. Bravo.
    I love your adorable card with girls and kitty. The layers you used are so inventive. I haven’t been on Vintage Workshop’s website for long time. Too busy reading blog posts and commenting. That little spoon is so cute with the berries. You must have quite a stash, but then don’t we all depending on what we do. Happy days

    • I’ve been very luck to have grown up in a family where food was enjoyed and celebrated. Not sure my waistline thinks it’s such a good thing though! I don’t know about you but I hoard my crafting stash and could do with having a big sort out so I know exactly what I have. I’d forgotten about these little wooden spoons that I bought for something at the time but can’t remember what now!

    • Thank you. I’m now planning a large version for my colleague and the card blanks arrived today! You are so lucky to have Betty Crocker on your side 🙂

  3. Oh, I love that vintage image! I grew up in a baking family and you could always tell the tried and true recipes by the smudges and splatters! My aunt gave me a Betty Crocker cookbook as a graduation gift and it is still my ‘go to’ cookbook. Off to check out your recipe!

    • Oh I am so excited to know you have the Betty Crocker book too. I love the vintage illustrations – the only issue for me is converting the measures and understanding what some of the ingredients are. All Purpose Flour is still a mystery over here!

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