Getting back to normal!

After six weeks and 36 cooking sessions with 36 parents and 108 children, my summer workathon is finally over. Although I still have two van loads of kit to unload today it is a relief that I don’t have to organise myself to do it all again next week!!! So, before the madness of my schedule for September and October kicks in I’m going to be celebrating the fact that I now have a couple of weeks where I can live life at a slightly slower pace, integrate myself back into society and not feel self-conscious because I smell of vegetable fajitas or chicken tikka masla!!! I’ve made a little postcard to help keep me in chilled out mode!


I’ve used Mindy Lacefield’s Dreamer Girl and a flower stamp, both of which are from Rubber Moon. The sentiment is a Tim Hotz rub on.


I used Poly chromos for the colouring and some Tumbled Glass distress ink for the background. The girl was paper pieced.


I’ve added a few highlights with a white Sharpie marker pen.


Thanks for buzzing by.





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  1. Wish I was closer so could help you unload van loads. Bless your Heart Lisette, you work so hard for other people. This is such cute card but girl doesn’t look happy at all. Hope she will be soon.
    We have been busy this afternoon, taking curtains in living room down, putting new ones up I got yesterday at Tuesday Morning. Then hubs put new curtain rods up in our room which I got on clearance week or so ago, hung curtains from living room until I find or make new ones that will go better with color scheme. Of course room needs painting something awful but at least got curtains hung.
    Tuesday morning is hard to describe, has lots of nice decorator things for home and wherever.Their chotskes are to die for. Most of time pretty good prices altho still higher than I can/would pay so I wait for things to go on clearance. Usually by that time have forgotten I even wanted it.
    Looked at their curtains rods but bit high for me when I got bedroom rods for $8.00 each. Just happened to go to store when they had some on clearance shelf. Wanted to put them in living room and put rods from l/r in bedroom but hubs was getting annoyed with all the honey-do’s for him so let it go, (for now anyway). lol.
    Used to be I would do changing of rods myself but since my darned shoulder has been bad can’t raise it very high at all. We were in rollover accident in July/98, my right arm was broken all way across, just skin holding it on, have nerve damage from it and had lots of trouble with feeling as tho arm popping out of socket after accident, boy would that hurt when I bent over at all. . Took long time for arm to heal so I was unable to do much of anything for months. Have problem hanging laundry out and can’t hammer nail in wall anymore. But I still have my arm.
    See how much fun it is to get old, phoooey.
    Hate not being able to do what I used to but am grateful to still have my arm which orthopaedist told me was lucky to have and that it worked, however not as well. This happened when we lived in MT. They think I must have stuck my arm out on window edge as truck rolled over on it. When i regained consciousness we were upside down and turned different direction.
    Time to go eat so better give you break and shut the heck up. Happy weekend, take care of yourself.

    • Would love to have you helping me with that van!! It wasn’t too bad this time but I worry that if anyone breathes too near the stuff it will all topple over!!!! Your accident sounds awful, you poor thing.x

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