For Paris




I’m not really feeling inclined to add many words to this post and hoping that my postcard says it all. The events in Paris on Friday evening will have left their mark on each and everyone of us.

We will remember them.


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  1. You are so right Lisette, it’s so frightening what is happening to our world with such evil out there. Where will they strike next? Who will they strike next? Every time something bad happens in US I’m wondering what young person those evil people got hold of to corrupt for their own purposes. Even American born young people are being infiltrated, using their innocence and wanting to make our world right they use these young people with lies to convince them, to take over the world as we know it.
    Your little character says it all with expression on her face. Why is this happening to our world? Your country is so much closer to it, are you afraid? Every parent needs to talk very seriously with their children about what these evil people are doing. You hate to scare your kids but also need to warn them, protect them in any way we can. My stomach feels like there’s big rock in it.
    Sorry for being a doom sayer, maybe am expressing what many people are afraid to say out loud? What can we do to over power these despicable people?
    Hope you have great week

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