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When I was younger, a lot younger, I had a collection of buttons that were kept in a faux porcelain container that once contained Avon body stuff. Family friends would donate buttons and I remember once buying a mixed bag from a junk shop. I used to spend many a happy hour (remember there were no computers in those days) sorting buttons in different ways. There was also something very comforting about running your fingers through a pile of buttons and the noise they make shuffling against each other. Simple pleasures and, happy days!

I was reminded of that collection when making this card:


This is one of my Design Team pieces for the Gecko Galz. The image is a digital stamp from the Sew Cute digi stamp set which I simple printed out and coloured in with Promarkers. I picked out one button, cut it out and then gave it a coat of Diamond Glaze before decoupaging over the original.



The image is layered on black cardstock and then onto a white card. I’ve added some faux stitching around the edge.P1050167

I stamped happy birthday on a piece of white card and added more stitching.


I don’t know what happened to my button collection, but I’m sure it would come in handy.


Thanks for buzzing by.


Buttons — 4 Comments

  1. Ha ha, button boxes. I inherited mine from my grandmother and even though it has been very trendy to craft with buttons, I never use my buttons from Grannies box, they are for dressmaking and repairs only. I recently gave my niece a nice tin so she could start her own button box.

    I love this card, it now reminds me of my Grandmother and playing cards with her using buttons for currency. I even had a set of thrupenny bit buttons that looked a bit like that copper one near the bottom of your card.

    Dionne xx

    • How lovely that you have started a button box for your niece. I’m not sure whether I would actually use the buttons I used to have, but I’d love to see them again and also the Avon container as they used to be quite elaborate. The thrupenny bit buttons sound fabulous. Happy days eh? xx

  2. Love your button card, your buttons almost look real, love your colors and the stitching really sets off the card to it’s best. .
    Know what you mean about playing with buttons. When we first moved to Tucson, AZ my parents just loved going for rides out in the desert, (yuk at 10 or 11, this was in 1950/51 or so). The lady they’d go to visit had jars of buttons I’d play with, loved the sound they made going thru my hands, the feel of them. Boy do I wish I had those buttons as they were gorgeous vintage ones in great shape. I think the lady was in her 50’s or 60’s. You know at 10 or 11 everybody seems “older than dirt”. Gee guess at 73 I must be even older than dirt, lol.
    Only problem with having vintage buttons, they’re so pretty and remind me of so many things I hesitate to use them, duh. Same way with me with pretty papers.
    Hope you’re having a good start to your weekend

    • Thank you. I love it that buttons evoke so many memories for people. I think all crafters are the same aren’t they – we love to have pretty crafting stash but want to keep it rather than use it. It’s only since I began blogging that I’ve got a bit less protective but I do still hoard things just because they are so gorgeous!!! Trouble is, my house is disappearing under a pile of stuff that I can’t bear to part with!!!

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