Bookish star

So I needed to rustle up a quick card for a male friend’s birthday later this week. It needed to be so simple that its making didn’t alert Mr Beez to the fact that I had taken another a break from my major clearing up exercise. It also need to be slim enough to avoid any Post Office shenanigans as my local one still operates the dark ages policy of half-day closing (I know!!!). Ideally I wanted it to provide my entry for this week’s Sunday Stampers challenge, which has a books theme, and give me an excuse to play with my new Distress Inks – Mermaid Lagoon and Cracked Pistachio.


Yep, I think this ticks all the boxes! I used the Primitive Stars Alterations die to cut the stars from book pages. I inked the largest star with my new inks – I love these two colours and love them even more together. I used a white gel pan to add some detail and black pen to add detail to the un-inked star.


I used the same inks to stamp the diagonal lines – a stamp from the Stampin’ Up! Gorgeous Grunge set , then layered on the book page stars before topping it all off with a small gold foil star.



I love it when a plan comes together!

Thanks for buzzing by.


Bookish star — 7 Comments

  1. Great male card. I love that star die and the way you have inked it …. Fabulous.

    Hope you are having an easier week, how is the clean up going?

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you. Still don’t seem to be making any head way, maybe this weekend it will look like there is progress!!! xx

  2. Forgive me Lisette, am so behind reading emails.
    First, new pc (8.1) if off on vacation due to my stupidity, lack of digital skills. Finally gave up, got old 7.0 windows pc out again, at least can use it without messing it up too badly.
    I have been taking care of hubs after his partial knee replacement on 4/28. The Veteran’s hospital only keeps patient for one night after partial, then we’re on our own. Wish they’d kept him for few days. He’s not mean to other people, just me. Everybody thinks he’s such a nice guy. He can be but not to me most of time.
    He is not a good patient, putting it mildly. My name changed to maid. Anyway he’s doing really well, got things down to bit of routine now.
    When he gets out of shower, put some betadine on his booboo, new bandage and then fun begins. Have to put compression stockings on both legs, then wrap his booboo leg with big ace bandage, then those funny socks on over that they use in hospitals. Been having to wash his compression stockings and his walking socks often. Goes to doc tomorrow so will see what he’ll do now. He’s had a new kind of treatment (new to me anyway) using a cooler which has to be fed water and lots of ice. This water goes up into a big pad that covers his booboo and keeps swelling down. Wish that had been around when I had mine done ,especially left one which had lots of swelling problems with as left leg has lymphedema. Anyway, been running lots to get ice. Think that part is over now, phew, thank heavens.
    Tomorrow will most likely take staples out of leg, not sure. Looks to be healing really well. He’s pretty healthy old bugger.
    Forgive me, wanted to explain why I haven’t been on for about a week.
    I love that card, will look for that die, love using stars in projects, and will look for that ink. I have few of those inks but haven’t used in so long stopped buying. That card is wonderful, you are so darned clever and artistic. Can I borrow some of it. Think recipient of card will be very pleased with it. I see some projects I want to check out, so much talent in your head and hands.
    My nerves have been really bad due to doing a lot more than usual and my patients disposition. I finally blew up last Sunday and he’s been nicer but I see him edging toward awful again. Why he needs to be that way don’t know but I just can’t deal with it.
    Got things ready for when hubs gets out of shower, cooking mac/cheese and doing some laundry. I didn’t know I could still multi-task. Yeahoo. Guess old brain isn’t dead yet.
    Where did this week go, hope you have wonderful weekend, do what you enjoy so much. Hopefully I won’t be off here so much now. I put new pc back in box til I can deal with it, when that will be who knows, can’t worry about it now. Have great weekend ok?

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