Being a unicorn

I love it when I get the time and opportunity to create something just for fun and to please myself. Now I didn’t really have time to do these postcards but decided to go ahead anyway. I’d had an idea rolling around in my head for quite awhile, to play with Agatha and create some special headgear for her. However, here I have made a last minute substitution and used Nina, also by Magda Polakow for Stampotique, instead.


Both postcards were created in tandem and, as I really was short on time, I used one of Kate Crane’s fabulous digital papers that I bought from her Etsy shop. Sadly, these are no longer for sale so I’m glad a snapped them up when I did. I’ve added a little stamping of my own, using some more Stampotique favourites.




Nina was stamped onto cardstock and coloured with Polychromos. I wanted to keep one version “unicorn white” whilst making the other a little more colourful. I used a clip-art image of a horn, added some colour, and then popped it on in the appropriate place. I did have a go at adding a little tail but wasn’t sure so opted for tail-less instead.



The words were printed out from my computer.


Thanks for buzzing by.


Being a unicorn — 6 Comments

    • Thank you Ros – Kate Crane must take full credit for the backgrounds, it is a shame she doesn’t sell them any more!

  1. Oh wow, I love these, they are stunning and gorgeous and such fun. When I first opened this post I thought that you had been trying your hand at art journaling ….. and I was very impressed. But post cards, how clever of you.

    I adore both variation you have made and I love the concept of being a unicorn, Some says I should like to be a magical butterfly or perhaps a mermaid so I can enjoy the sensation of floating. I had not considered being a unicorn but it is a great one. I recently saw a photograph of the very place a human unicorn would live.

    Thank you for giving me the last 5 minutes, they have been great fun.


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