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Today I have to go away again for work – a full three nights means I won’t be back until Friday evening, by which time I should think my feet will be frazzled. This time I have mixed feelings about being away. Youngest beez is leaving the hive and moves out tomorrow. He is more than ready to go but it’s still a hard thing for this mum, who will miss him dreadfully. I’ve been pretty brave up until now and I’m wondering if going away, and not actually seeing the move happen, will help. On the other hand it’s going to be very strange returning home and knowing he won’t be around 🙁

Of course I have made a card to wish him and his girlfriend well in their new home:


As you know, I have no shortage of house stamps so it was just a question of choosing which one! I used inks and Promarkers to add colour and then die cut a little glittery heart to pop in the window. I decided to opt for a clean and simple look and love how it turned out.


My second card is to celebrate my brother’s birthday which is tomorrow.


Like me, he is an ardent fan of West Ham United FC and, as he lives in the south, is lucky enough to be a season ticket holder. Each year I try and come up with a new twist on the West Ham theme. I picked up this retro playing card on Ebay and despite my best attempts, managed not to throw it away each time I thought the envelope it was in was empty!!!!


I’ve used some spotted designer paper to pick up the green and then decorated it using team colours. The little glass drops are there to represent bubbles – the club song is the classic “I’m forever blowing bubbles” which they have made their own.



Thanks for buzzing by.



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  1. Up the Hammers!

    Living close to London we are spoilt for Premier teams but West Ham is our closest and so most of the people I know who live around me support them. I love the card and the little bubbles are an inspired idea.

    The new home card is so sweet, love the little house with the glittery heart. I wish your son every happiness in his new place, I hope the move goes well.

    Dionne xxx

  2. Oh Lisette, my heart goes for you, I still don’t know how I am going to survive when mine will fly out! It’s such a lovely card, and that little house, I love your little houses! 🙂 About West Ham United I have no knowledge and I am not a real soccer fan, but there I loved the way you played with the stars, they add so much to it!

    • It is tough and I had a big hug and a little weep, but know it is the right time and the right thing so I have to be a real grown-up now. All you need to know about West Ham is that if you happened to be in the UK during the season you would of course support them!!! (It is rumoured that the Queen, Barack Obama, Katy Perry, Kyle McLachlan and Matt Damon are all fans 🙂

  3. Both the cards are very appropriate to the situation. Great find of the sports card. How sweet of you to make card for son leaving. Good to bid them goodbye on good terms. Sorry you have to miss leaving tho. Do like and approve of his gf? Hope so.
    Bless your heart, either way is hard, doesn’t matter. How old are your son and gf.Will she take good care of him or is sheliberated young woman? Will they share housework?
    It is hard to let them leave with us smiling. Maybe they really like it when we shed a few tears. When our youngest son left he went to live with his brother, then brother moved out into one of duplexes behind same house and youngest sister moved in with youngest son. All 4 of our kids lived in that same house from time to time. They weren’t too far from us so we were free to visit as long as we called first. Understandable I thought. Theboys used to like to play tricks on me when I’d visit alone. Oldest boy had snakes, one time they asked me to get them something in a closet so I did, big old boa was in that closet. Thanks guys. they thought it hilariously funny. I didn’t needless to say. I am very horrified by snakes. Just thought of them gives me the creeps.
    Take care of yourself, don’t work too hard. Sorry you have to be gone for few days. You’ll have going to visit son/fg when you return. Happy Fall

    • Thank you 🙂 My youngest son is 23 and his girlfriend is 20. I think they will both look after each other and as for housework, it will be interesting to see if either of them do any (this is based on the state of his former bedroom)!!! They have apparently framed the card I made which is cute. We have been invited for tea next week which will be fun and hopefully no snakes (that is just mean!!). How did your fall decorating go? I have been bemoaning the fact that we don’t decorate like that over here – I think I might try and start a trend 🙂

  4. I love both these cards! The little house card is so sweet, and the b’day card is perfect for a soccer fan; all the motion and fun embellishments are great! I love, love, love the placement of the stars.
    I know exactly how you feel with your son moving out. Two of my guys have been out of the house for over 4 years, and even though I know that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I still miss them. It does take some adjustment, but things will work out.
    I’m hoping your feet will make it through your trip. Have you tried gel insoles? They helped me a bit when I was on my feet all day/ Here’s to a speedy trip! Safe travels oxo

    • Thank you Roberta 🙂 Do you know I haven’t used gel insoles, only memory foam ones and I think that is a great idea!! They are actually holding up pretty well – just one more day to get through! However, my hair has freaked out completely (it has to be tied up!)!!!!

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