Butterfly projects for Amy & Friends

I came across the charity Amy and Friends via Scarlet Clay’s inspirational blog. A talented artist, I was moved by her accounts of the progress of her adorable son Knox, who suffers from Cockayne Syndrome. Through my blog I would like to raise awareness of the disease and the work of Amy and Friends who support children and families suffering from Cockayne Syndrome.

To celebrate my first year of blogging I decided that for a month, between July 8th and August 7th 2013, all my projects would feature a butterfly to show my support for the charity Amy and Friends – the butterfly is the symbol of those whose lives have been cut short by CS. All these projects have been tagged with Amy and Friends and are categorised under butterflies.

I am very grateful to my friend Dionne who supported me with my month long project by creating her own butterfly projects that she allowed me to share here. Thank you Dionne for your beautiful projects and the hard work that you put in.

Each month I plan to have at least one project that features a butterfly and dedicate it to the work of Amy and Friends. I would love to turn this into a monthly blog challenge, with a prize of course, so watch this space and please do contact me if you would be interested in helping to support this worthwhile cause by a) contributing to a guest post, b) taking part in a monthly challenge or c) sponsoring a prize – I’d love to hear from you.

Other ways in which you can support the work of Amy and Friends would be to “like” the Amy and Friends Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and share their tweets,  make a donation and, of course, if you can shout about it to others –  tell your friends, share links and things on your own blog and/or Facebook page that would be fantastic.  Please do visit Scarlett’s blog and also check out her Etsy shop which raises money for CS research. She also has some hand drawn cards, raising awareness about Cockayne Syndrome, that you can download for free.

Thank you for your support thank you for helping Amy and Friends

Lisette, aka Mrs Beez xxx


If you are not a regular visitor to my site you may not be aware that dear little Knox lost his battle with Cockayne Syndrome at the tender age of 3. This little boy had a huge impact on everyone he came into contact with, not least of all me. I am blessed and privileged to have known him, albeit too briefly.


Me, with sweet Knoxy, at the Amy and Friends retreat October 2014. I will treasure this memory forever.

Me, with sweet Knoxy, at the Amy and Friends retreat October 2014. I will treasure this memory forever.

In loving memory of Knox Haddon Clay July 14, 2010 – February 1, 2014

His life was short but his impact was huge.


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  1. Thank you so much, Lisette. I’m truly grateful for your willingness to tell others about CS. It means the world to me that you have helped to raise awareness of these special childrena and the support group in your circles. I thank you with my whole heart! Scarlett xox

    • It’s an honour 🙂 I am so looking forward to meeting you at the weekend and I hope I can do a lot more to raise awareness and support Amy and Friends x

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