Rainbow butterflies

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This is the first of two posts today as I welcome back the very lovely and super talented Dionne to my blog. You will remember that Dionne very kindly helped me in raising awareness of Cockayne Syndrome and the work of Amy and Friends who support sufferers and their families during my month long blogiversary butterfly project.

This weekend sees the Amy and Friends retreat in Chester where families from all over the world will be getting together. I’m honoured to have been asked to attend and am so excited I will get to meet the adorable Knox and his family.

Take a look at what Dionne has crafted in honour of the occasion:

Butterfly_RainbowHow stunning is that? I think you’ll agree she has pulled out all the stop on this one. Be sure to buzz over to her blog for all the details.

I’ll be back later with another butterfly project. Right now I’m busy cooking pancakes at the Sheffield Food Festival . If you’re in Sheffield, please pop by and say hello – you can find me in the Winter Garden.

Thanks for buzzing by.



Rainbow butterflies — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Mrs Beez .. meeting with Scarlett and her family was a real treat and seeing some of the other families together with their CS members .. was very inspiring. I’ve only just read Scarlett’s post – that you were going to visit too ..

    The pancakes sound delicious when I’m in a gloomy dank Eastbourne .. such is the weather!

    Scarlett and you are so good at crafting .. it’s always fun to watch Scarlett’s work unfold on her posts … I’m also listening to her music player .. very soothing ..

    Have a good weekend and whenever you meet Scarlett and her daughters and Knox – enjoy: you will .. cheers Hilary

    • Hi there and thank you SO much for taking time to leave a comment. Were you there on Saturday? I had such a fun day and felt very privileged to be with such an inspirational group of people. I was so happy to meet Scarlett, her beautiful daughters and adorable Knox (who I got to cuddle). We were even blessed with an Indian summer day. Time went too quickly and I had to dash off so I didn’t miss my train! Would love to know more about how you came to know Scarlett.

      • Hi Mrs Beez – I’m not sure! via the blogging world … and I enjoy learning about new things – so probably the CS aspect caught my eye .. also I love ‘watching’ Scarlett create her cards .. and just generally have kept in touch and been supportive via her blog. I sent her a letter last year on her first trip to England .. but couldn’t get up … I’d have like to have spent longer and only had a brief meeting when they arrived, as I needed to get back to Eastbourne, and wanted to have Friday free as I had things going on over this weekend.

        They were quite brilliant weren’t they .. and I too felt so privileged … amazing family – I really came away so inspired …

        So via blogging – and I had to be up in that neck of the woods – well Leominster – to spend a short visit with a cousin of my mother’s, who died last year, but who had been unable to be with us during my mother’s illness (stroked badly – but she could talk intelligently and we got through that way – hence my blog http://www.positiveletters.com) – so I came to Leominster to meet with our cousin, and then Scarlett and I saw another blogger friend …

        Meeting Scarlett and family, and Amy’s Friends (many of them) … was a dose of fresh air .. just incredible people ..

        That’s how!! So pleased you had a happy time .. but you got back and that’s the main thing .. cheers for now .. Hilary

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