Pearls, pearls, pearls

Today, myself and Mr Beez have been enjoying the warmth and sunshine with a visit to the continental market that is visiting Sheffield this holiday weekend. I’ve been enjoying an authentic croquet monsieur, made by a very authentic and charming Frenchman. We took a little stroll through the Winter Gardens and then over to the Crucible to take in the atmosphere surrounding the snooker World Championships. All that walking allowed me to pick up a cone of churros and chocolate sauce from the market before returning to the car. Hence the reason my post is so late today.

Before we left I did whip a card that I am going to share over at Craft Hoarders Anonymous where the theme for Challenge #6 is to use this sketch:


There is also a twist – you have to use something old and combine it with something new. Now when I need to work quickly I usually go to my default setting – that is to use a bee or a butterfly. Today, I chose …


…butterfly.  There is a certain irony about this card as, with the exception of the organza rose trim, everything else came from Stampin’ Up! I didn’t do this consciously, it just happened, the ironical bit is that earlier this week I decided to end my Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator status. If you’re wondering about the old and new – the pearls and papers are from my old stash, the seam binding is new (it’s very difficult to dye seam binding an ivory colour) and I used a new large circle die.


I’ve distressed the edges of all the designer papers and layered them on to some black card. On the base layer, I’ve curled the corner over so you can see the reverse. In that corner I’ve added some pearls and some roses from my organza rose trim. These were all roses that I “lost” whilst making other projects. As I am very untidy when I craft things sometimes (well, quite often actually!) go missing in action, only turning up when I tidy away at the end of the day. I lost about six roses in this way. These smaller roses are simply the large ones that I have cut down a little.


The central panel has been stamped and I’ve punched out an additional butterfly to layer on top of the original image to give it dimension.


Some more organza roses, full size this time, and some punched branches decorate the corner.


As I mentioned before, the circle was punched out and I added some more pearls. I’ve added a double layer of seam binding and given the top layer a twist.



Our visit to the market today was slightly tactical as today was the day our two football teams were playing each other and there is always a bit of friendly rivalry between us on these occasions. We decided it might be better to have a distraction. Earlier this season my team, West Ham, beat Mr Beez’, Tottenham Hotspur, with an emphatic 3-0. Today, if we lost, there was a slight, although unlikely chance, we might have been relegated. With my team going through yet another losing streak the prospects were not good. However, I can tell you it all ended well – unless you happen to Mr Beez of course! Croques, Churros AND a win – isn’t life great?!

Thanks for buzzing by.


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  1. Someone is having a very good day, I am pleased.

    This card is beautiful and I really do not know where to start singing it’s praises. I love the monochrome design, the papers are gorgeous and I love the butterfly feature as well as all the pearls. The curled paper looks lovely (why do I never think to do that?) and I love all of the layers.

    I hope your weekend continues going well.

    Dionne xx

    • Thank you. I never think about curling the paper like that either – not sure what prompted it this time! Those SU papers are my favourites, it’s a shame they don’t do a bigger pack size really. I’m very tempted to go back to the market today and sample some different delights!!! xx

  2. So beautiful..I love the colors and that butterfly is gorgeous! Thanks for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!

    • Thank you Jane. It was great to have the sketch as I only had limited time to put it together and using the coordinating papers also helped.

  3. You’re so funny Mrs. Beez, you have sense of humor. I almost spelled that humour. I read so many English authors and get used to extra letter. I took a spelling test years ago and missed a word that I spelled English way. Teacher asked me why I spelled it that way, I told her I read novels by English authors. I can usually tell if a blogger is Canadian or English by way blogger spells certain words if blogger doesn’t comment about where they live.
    I didn’t know you had churros in England wonder if they’re same churros as we have. Learn something every day. Never too old to learn.
    Your card is so pretty, love the roses and pearls with black and white. The ivory seam binding is so pretty, Happy weekend

    • Thank you 🙂 That’s so interesting about your reading habits and what it taught you. With spelling correction being automatic these days you have to keep on your toes to make sure it isn’t changing things. Even though my default setting is English (UK) it isn’t always right. At one point my computer refused to type the £ sign and would switch it to $ , even though the $ sign was right next to it! I know I have a lot of followers and visitors from the USA so I often dither over whether or not to put the US word (if I know it) alongside. Churros are not commonplace in England but are more widely available than they were. However, I got mine yesterday from the market that visits our city twice a year so a lot of the stalls are from the country of origin (like my lovely Frenchman who made the croque). What I want to do next is have a go at making my own Churros – that way I can make a mess of chocolate sauce all over my face (which I did yesterday) in private!!!

  4. This card is beautiful! I love the way all the papers and trims and the image work together. Once again, your little touches are perfect. I never think of using pearls or turning up the edge of the paper, and they truly make the card pop. This is absolutely stunning!!

    • Thanks Roberta. Funny isn’t it – I go through phases where I use pearls all the time and then not at all. This time I’ve come back and used lots!! I used to always use gems but hardly ever seem to do that these days and I’m not sure why as I still love my bling!

  5. Simply Stunning card Lisette! So glad you chose to join Craft Hoarders for the challenge, I will cross my fingers for you! This card is so beautiful on so many levels, I love the black and white and the pearls, and the roses, and the way the pretty patterned papers march up so well. Great job! Sounds like you had an all around great day too, congrats for your teem, sorry Mr. Beez, lol. ~Diane

    • Thank you Diane. I just love these papers and pearls go beautifully with them. Don’t worry about Mr Beez’ team – they could afford to lose the points whilst my team really needed them – tee hee!!! 🙂

  6. You did this quickly? It is beautiful! Love the butterfly. Great default: butterflies or bees. 🙂

    Would have loved to stroll with you…it sounds like a good day…especiall the croquet monsieur!

    Have a good day!
    -Kathy Jo, a fellow crafter at CHAB.

    • Thank you, that’s very kind. I think I am one of those people who fills the time they have so when I didn’t have very long, I just got on with it. Croque Monsieur – you can’t beat it and you would love the market as it is full of yummy treats 🙂

    • Oh my goodness Margaret – I cannot believe how much disappears. One minute it’s in my hand, next – gone!!

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