Butterfly thank yous.

Hurray or Fridays! I’ve only been back at work for three days but it seems to have been a long week as far as I’m concerned.

Today  I am sharing some thank you cards that I have made:


I wanted to go for something fairly simple that I could replicate easily as I needed to make 20 to say thank you to friends, family and colleagues for gifts and help at Christmas time. However, once I got the basic design together, I did add in a few extras – well sometimes it’s hard not to isn’t it?


Firstly, I cut squares of card 70cm x 70cm and stamped them with the script background. I used Victorian Velvet distress ink, and swooshed on a little more over the whole design, using and Inkduster, and inked the edges.


Next I punched out the large butterflies and stamped the thank you. Originally, I intended to leave it there. However, I felt it needed something more, so cut some black squares, approximately 75m  x 75cm (the cards themselves are 80cm square), and used them as mats. Once I’d applied the large butterfly I decided to make some smaller ones, using the reverse side of the designer paper. Finally, I added the gems.


The paper, stamps and both butterfly punches are all from Stampin’ Up!


Now it’s all very well having made these, the next step is to get them written and sent! Last year I failed spectacularly, only managing to send out a third of my cards which is shameful.

If I could, I would send each and every one of you a thank you card. I am so appreciative of all the lovely comments that have been left, particularly over the festive period, and so pleased that you have taken the time to do so. I also hugely appreciate all of you that have signed up to follow my blog – it means a lot and inspires me to keep going. THANK YOU!

Hope you’ve got something fun planned for the weekend. We’ve just had a skip delivered, which is not my idea of fun, so I shall be working on another of my resolutions – to declutter! I’ll let you know how that works out but I have a sneaky feeling that all may not be sweetness and light in the Beez household this weekend!

Thanks for buzzing by.


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    • Thanks so much Lesline. If you would like to send your postal address to my gmail (mrsbeez61@gmail.com) I would be delighted to send you one 🙂

  1. Just a lovely combination of patterns, colors, textures, dimension….perfectly elegant. Please explain a little more about the script background, if you have time.

    • Thank you Nancy – the script background is a stamp from Stampin’Up (it’s quite large) and stamps beautifully every time. With Stampin’ Up you get the choice of wooden blocks that you then mount the rubber stamp on to permanently (these are the more expensive option) or clear stamps that you then mount on any clear acrylic block – usually temporarily. I usually go for the clear option however, on this occasion I made a mistake with my order. Having been to one or two workshops, I’ve learned that it is an advantage to have an unmounted stamp as you can then just use parts of it on your design. (I did this when I did the 5 gold bees). For this card (and the Love Pink card) I used the stamp on an acrylic block and distress ink, which doesn’t give as sharp an image as regular ink. I then used an Ink duster ( http://www.inkylicious.co.uk/ink-dusters-ink-dusting-brushes/cat_6.html), which is essentially a stiff brush, to sweep on extra ink. The brush gives a light dusting of colour (you have to tap the brush on paper first). You can then build up the colour by brushing more on. Some people use any stiff brush e.g. a shaving brush or stencilling brush whilst others prefer the Ranger blending tool or cut and dry foam. I hope that helps, but you know where I am if you would like to know more 🙂 :):)

  2. These are lovely cards, and I’m sure anyone getting one of them will jump at the chance to help you/gift you next Christmas 🙂
    Good luck with the de-clutter; when my husband decides to do this, he wants to junk everyone’s stuff but his own. We all have to be very vigilant when he goes on one of his jags.

    • Thank you Roberta. That’s so funny about your husband. The problem I have is that generally, I am considered the hoarder but I can also be quite ruthless and once I’m in the groove get very good about getting rid of things. However, then my husband and eldest son start questioning my decisions to throw stuff away or start hanging on to things on my behalf!! I can’t win 🙂

I really appreciate it when people take time to leave a comment, thank you so much for doing so :)