Butterfly bottle caps

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Is it really Monday already?? I can’t believe that not only has the weekend flown by, but also July. Was it because we had so much summer sunshine? It’s also hard to believe that there are only 10 days left of my Blogiversary special butterfly project in support of Amy and Friends. Be sure to leave a comment on my pinned post at the top of this page and be in with a chance of winning my blog candy. There’s a bumper collection of goodies from Create and Craft up for grabs.

So Monday it is and therefore Brag Monday time over at The Graphics Fairy. I love it when you do a project that is a) so simple it takes no time at all and b) the finished result is more than a sum of its parts. I’m so happy that today’s project is one of those:


These are bottle caps that can be turned into pendants, key rings, bag charms… whatever you like really. I picked up a bargain pack of bottle caps with hanging loops, that also came with matching domed epoxy stickers, on Ebay. The rest was “simples.”



I’ve chosen some lovely images from The Graphics Fairy, added in some extra embellishments and simply glued them all together. This one uses a vintage compass image and a blue butterfly.


I’ve used a one inch circle punch to cut out the backgrounds and then made a little collage.


This one is a beautiful cold and black clock image with a red butterfly image. Originally I made a digital collage with all the images but somehow the butterflies got a little lost. Collaging them seemed to overcome this.


Here is a section from a Graphics Fairy floral image with that beautiful blue butterfly image. The gem is under the dome sticker.


When I discovered you could also get funky coloured bottle caps I had to have them. Here’s my favourite Graphics Fairy moth on top of a vintage medallion image. The original image is black and white and I simply colourised it in Word. Here, the gem is on the outside.



The possibilities are endless. I’m already thinking that I need to do some with bees and I think they would also be fabulous with some Christmas images. Happy Monday!



Butterfly bottle caps — 6 Comments

  1. I can see why you are so pleased with these lovely bottle tops. They are such a neat idea and the butterflies look terrific inside the tops.

    Dionne xx

  2. The possibilities are endless making those bottle cap pendants, etc. Love em so much. I bought some bottle caps over a year ago but then never did anything with them, thought maybe now they were old stuff. Glad to see they’re not. Think I’ll be spray painting some of mine since they’re all silver. Love to make bracelets with them and who knows what else. You always inspire me, your little pendant/bottle caps are so pretty. Such wonderful ideas on ways to embellish them, but I’m not surprised.

    • I hadn’t thought of spray painting the silver ones and I’m now thinking I could colour them gold with alcohol ink. Also love the idea of a bracelet – hadn’t thought of that either. Thanks, as always, for buzzing by and for all the inspiration xx

  3. Love all the bottle caps. Great ideas. I searched for awhile to find the vintage compass background you used with the butterfly (my favorite)…is there anyway to find that without looking thru 1000 images? I typed in ‘vintage compass image’ and that one didn’t come up and looking thru 44 pages of black and white images is time consuming. Thanks for your ideas. Will continue to watch your dit crafts.

    • Thank you Tara. I will see if I can find the details for the image and will get back to you if I can find you a link to the ones I used 🙂

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