Breaking open the supplies and some EXCITING news!

Craft packages ordered =2, craft packages received = 0

Today I am killing two birds with one stone. Not literally of course (although since the weather picked up our resident pigeons, who I felt sorry for when it was snowy, are up to their old trick and  getting way out of hand) just in the blogpost sense. Normally I post all my Stampin’ Up! projects over on my other blog, Mrs Beez Stampin’, but today I’m breaking with tradition and sharing it here too. Apologies if you follow both my blogs, I hope you don’t feel short changed. However, I will be doing an extra Stampin’ Up project this week so I hope that will make up for it 🙂 P1030695

When I think back to my early days of blogging, this card shows just how far I’ve come. I used to hardly dare use my crafting supplies, wanting to keep them for a special occasion. This card comprises almost entirely of highly prized Stampin’ Up goodies and I barely gave it a thought when I broke them out of their packaging!


You can find all the details of the supplies used over at Mrs Beez Stampin’ but the ribbon, lace and flower embellishment are all from the Artisan Embellishments Kit. This kit is just scrumptious and has the most divine lace you could ever wish for, so precious I’ve not actually used it on this card! I’m also totally in love with the seam binding in the pack too – you can see that running along the card and tucked behind that fab flower.


One thing’s for sure, I shall make sure I get my hands on another kit ASAP!


Thank you for taking the time to buzz by and a special thank you if you have left a comment. I love to know you’ve been! I dither a bit about whether or not to reply to comments as, unless you check back, I think you miss them.  However, I have decided that as I never take them from granted, from now on, I shall always reply to comments.


I’ve just realised that I got to the end of my post without sharing my really REALLY exciting news. I have beeen asked to join the Design Team over at Anything But A Card – whoop whoop! I’m SO excited, and very honoured, to have beengieven the opportunity and thank you Susan for inviting me. This sort of thing (along with winning the lottery and finding a new job) only happens in my wildest dreams. I’ve been entering their challenges each week since they first began and I can’t wait to share my first project (next week) for the new challenge which is “APRIL SHOWERS” – create anything (except a card!!) with a WATER theme including  mermaids, beaches, seas, the color of seas/oceans, thunderstorms,  rainbows, streans, rivers, ponds, snow, spring showers, umbrella,  fountains, waterfalls. Be sure to buzz on over and take a look.


Breaking open the supplies and some EXCITING news! — 2 Comments

  1. Wonderful news. Congratulations, you are going to be a fabulous asset to their team, well done.

    This card is scrumptious, I too love this kit and you have been making some fantastic things from it.

    Dionne xx

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