Back with a butterfly

Gosh, I can’t believed that I haven’t blogged for a whole week. Since my return to work a fortnight ago life seems to have been one hectic whirl and hasn’t yet returned to what passes for “normal” in my world. Having had two weekends where I’ve been away, I finally found a little time to play craft over the weekend. It also meant that I could avoid watching the football! I love watching my team in real life, even if the do often put their fans through the wringer, but I just can’t watch them on TV. If they win, I will watch the highlights but otherwise it is all too painful! Thankfully, whilst a lot of major teams got knocked out by minnows, my side scraped a win in the dying seconds.

Anyway, over at Crafty Boots Challenges we have reached the midway point of our butterflies challenge. I’ve made another card:


I’d actually made the stamped background for something else and then never used it and although I was tempted to use a bee, I think the butterfly does the job just as well.


For the background I used Antique Linen and Victorian Velvet inks with a little Walnut Stain around the edges. I’ve stamped some script, using more Victorian Velvet and a swirly flower design using Walnut Stain. The honeycomb was stamped in Frayed Burlap and then I’ve added gold glitter by going over parts of the design with a glue pen. I saw this idea in a recent (ish) issue of Craft Stamper magazine.


The butterfly was coloured with Victorian Velvet and highlighted with gold glitter. I’ve used scraps of lace and some muslin for the butterfly to perch on.


Another scrap of lace and some shabby seam binding are topped off with a tiny paper rose.


I am also sharing my card over at Sunday Stampers where the theme is wings.

As you know, if you read my previous post, it is almost a year ago since tiny Knox, the little boy that captured my heart, lost his battle against Cockayne Syndrome and grew his butterfly wings. The butterfly is the symbol of Amy and Friends, the charity that supports those suffering from Cockayne Syndrome and their families. You can find out more here.  I’d love it, should you feel inclined to do so, if you left a message of support for and/or liked the Amy and Friends page on Facebook. If you make a butterfly project it would be great if you could mention Amy and Friends in your blog post.

Thanks for buzzing by.


Back with a butterfly — 12 Comments

  1. I love the background on this card; its soft palette, swirls and flowers, and glitter draw the eye into your composition. Beautiful! I’ve been missing your posts and lovely projects.
    When is Knox’s birthday–I’m thinking that it’s in July, but my memory isn’t so good anymore:-(
    I don’t do Facebook or have a blog, but I have another idea in mind.
    I do hope this insanity at work comes to an end, and I’m sure you do, too. Make sure you sneak in a bit of “down” time whenever possible; you must be VERY busy between your job and your design team duties. Wishing you rest, fun, and macarons at Betty’s, Roberta

    • Thank you Roberta and I’m touched you are missing my posts. I have been busy creating though so hopefully they will be a little more frequent. You are correct – Knox’ birthday is July 14th and he died February 1st before reaching 4 🙁 Funny you should mention Betty’s – I have a visit scheduled although not until March:) Hope you are doing well – how’s the eyes?

  2. March???!!! Good heavens to Betsy, you simply CANNOT wait that long!!! Betty’s is part of a busy, harried worker/creator’s regimen for maintaining her muse; it’s considered an absolute necessity by many famous artists. I’ll bet Turner was there every day! Buck up and get over there asap!
    My eyes are okay; I’m due for another check-up in a couple of weeks. Thanks for asking. xox

  3. Ohhh, swoon! This is so me… I love the colour and the whole vintage look you have and the glitter is just perfect.. not too much and not too little… Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

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