Lucky Ladybird

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I’d half thought about doing this lady project ready for today and then there was a report on the news about how ladybirds were struggling to survive as they were starving, due to the lack of aphids after the cold winter. Clearly this was serendipity and sealed the deal on this lucky lady:


I saw the idea for a ladybird in a box on Pinterest so must thank Angellea Glitterbug for the fab idea. Naturally I chose to use images from The Graphics Fairy for my creation. I used a vintage lady bird image plus the head from a Valentine girl. I printed two lady birds so that the wings were both facing in the same direction. I applied crystal clear glitter to both and allowed them to dry. For the head, I applied a coat of red glitter, to what was originally a hat, plus a couple of red gems. The antennae are made from paper flower stems, which I painted black, with a couple of black faux pearls. I used 3D foam to apply the head to the body.


The lady bird is sitting in a little matchbox base that I painted dark cream. I popped a strip of ivory lace all the way around the side and then packed it with moss. I added paper daises and some leafy ribbon trim.




The finishing touch was to create the “for luck” sign which I did on the computer and then edged with a little Vintage Photo distress ink.


I’m not sure why ladybirds are lucky – I did try to find out but it just seems to be a “fact.” I do know that they are one of the few insects that I feel happy about touching or letting run over my hand – goodness knows why, as they are just a beetle in a fancy red coat. When I lived in Norfolk they were known as a bishy- Barnabee which is a variation of Bishop Barnaby. So now you know! I hope my little ladybird brings all the visitors to my blog a little luck.





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