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Do you ever get so excited about a craft project that you just can’t wait to share it? Today is one of those days. The reason I’m so excited is simply because they came out just as I had hoped, didn’t cause me too much heartache in the making and I love anything miniature.

P1050828These mini trick or treat bags are to share for the challenge over at Every Inchie Monday where the trigger word is “bag.” If you haven’t visited Every Inchie Monday do buzz on over as there are always the cutest and clever little creations being shared by some very talented artists.


To make these, I used a brown paper carrier bag. I cut a strip that was 1″ x 2.5″ and scored it at 1 inch and 1.5 inches on the longest side. When folded along the score lines this gives you the front and back panels and the base of the bag. I then cut a second strip that was 1″ x 3″. The scoring of this is slightly tricky to describe but I’ve drawn a little diagram to try and help! The yellow bits are where you cut and the red lines are the score lines. This will create flaps that will help you stick it all together.If you remember that this is going to create the sides of your bag and will double up the base that should help!


I found it easier to glue one side in place, give this chance to dry, then do the base and allow to dry before doing the final side. You then have your little bag ready to decorate.



I’ve used some Halloween images from The Graphics Fairy and then made some little handles from gold pipe cleaner.


I hope you love these as much as I do. I’m already planning a Christmas version and of course you could make them twinchie sized for either an Advent calendar or to hang on the tree.


I will also confess that many, many Skittles were harmed in the making of this project!

Thanks for buzzing by.


Inchie gift bags — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, these are so sweet and a really great idea. I keep seeing all these wonderful ideas for trick or treat bags and boxes. I can see I am going to be busy this year, shame I only get three callers!

    Dionne xx

    • Ooh can’t wait to see yours. I know if I went to town with these we probably wouldn’t get any callers. However, definitely going to do some Christmas ones.xx

  2. I think they are fabulous – love the idea of making them slightly bigger to hang on a Xmas tree – might pinch your idea – but as a bag Inchie they are superb.

  3. Love these!!! how adorable is this, your inchie is usable! I love that you gave us a diagram so we can make our own great job! definitely my favorite one!

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