Having fun in the sea

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Mr Beez asked me what this project was for. My reply of “fun,” was clearly not what he was hoping for. I suspect he wanted me to say “it mixes concrete,” or “it waters the plants,” or something else practical and functional. But then, as he knows me better than anyone else does, he must know that sometimes crafters do stuff, just because we feel like it.


You will know by now I’m having a bit of “sea” thing going on at the moment and this was a by-product of the heart that I did the other day. I’d originally intended to mount the heart on this canvas, but they didn’t really go together. However, I loved the canvas I’d produced so thought I’d create a little bit of whimsy, just for fun.


I first painted the canvas, it was an old one with torn scraps of paper all over it where I’d removed them from a previous project. I stuck fusible film all over it and melted it with a heat gun then added extra strips of film on top, along with some fantasy fibres.  I love the effect this produces. If you heat one place for two long you will get a hole in the film, so I did do this on purpose in some places. Then I stamped the sea bubbles image all over using black Archival ink.


I glued extra fusible fibres, this time joined together using an iron so they weren’t too shrivelled or tightly fused, to the bottom of the canvas and glued on some sea-green paper roses, miniatures shells and some starfish.


The mermaid was created using an image from The Graphics Fairy to which I added a mermaid’s tail that I fashioned out of green glitter paper. The green flower covers up the fact that I didn’t cut around her hand very well. As this is, in theory, a garden, I added in a dragonfly – just for fun you understand.



The words are from Artchix. I think mermaids might be the new button fairies as far as I’m concerned!


As well as linking this up for The Graphics Fairy Brag Monday party, I shall also be sharing it over at Sunday Stampers where the theme this week is paper (image, words and mermaid’s tail). I will try and do a “proper” project with paper later in the week – a lawn mower or even a food mixer mayber, that should keep Mr Beez happy 😉 !

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Button Fairy - images via The Graphics Fairy



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  1. Another fab canvass, I am loving all your sea related projects. You have some wonderful embellishments, eg the little shells and the starfish, and I cannot help noticing that you are making good use of that wonderful bubble stamp – and who could blame you, it is a great stamp.

    Dionne xx

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